Good Way To Start Off The Week

i managed to score a $40 today on the way home from work. i smoked some at a buddy's house (what's great is that he owes me a 40) and after waiting an hour i drove home. since i like to dress in ladies lingerie i got dressed up, proceeded to smoke 90% of the bag and now i'm watching **** and jacking off. i saved enough to get going tomorrow but i think that this is a good start to my week
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Do you only get high by yourself? I only ask because no one but me knows of the perverse things I do when high. Between the risk of STD's and my own shyness about what I do, I have never had the chance to play with anyone. I'd love to have a partner to watch me, or use toys on me or me on him. Any mutual play would be great. I like to suck ****, bottom, and get peed on. The experience of getting high, and sharing the "urges" with someone would be unforgettable. I have always loved to be nasty, and having a like-minded person to enjoy it with, well, it would be an amazing time.

but crystal meth isn't too much ?

Love to explore those urges with uou

where are you located?


In the redneck capital of the world, in Idaho

I agree. The experience of sharing those urges are incredible on meth. A nice consistant high with a like minded person can take you to nasty heights that last for days. What other type of urges do you have when high?

I'm like you. Mainly I smoke by myself and stay home dressed and chat and look at ****. I'm to scared and shy to go out without a friend to go with me and even then I doubt that I would do anything. But t feels wonderful and fuels my imagination. I'm in Denver, CO.

i'm krissy and i'm in Denver. But you basically described me i smoke, then get dressed up and then chat and watch ****. That is what i'm doing tonight. My first experience was about 10 years ago when i discovered a friend also crossed dressed. We would dress up together and talk and watch **** and HJ each other. But those feelings with him were so intense.

It does have a way of making your body feel great all over, and getting you to loose inhibitions and get into more perverse and kinky situations than you may normally do when not using.

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kinda reminds me of when i used to dress up real slutty and go out and turn tricks for crack, lmfao

i'd love to get dressed and spun and then have a guy or multiple guys use me until they are satisfied

Me too