My Salvia Experiences

This note is about my experiences with the drug Salvia. I have smoked salvia about ten times, and I hope that by writing this I will enlighten myself and others about this new drug. Another reason I am writing this is because I just smoked salvia about half an hour ago and I want to write down the feeling before I forget it.
My first experience with salvia was in a wooded glenn near my house. I loaded up a bowl, and took two or three big inhales. in about fifteen seconds, I knew the drug was starting to take effect because I felt a pressure on the sides of my eyeballs. I remembered having the same feeling after smoking marijuana, so I knew something was happening. Another physical feeling was a hot and itchy sensation all over my body, specifically my legs. This could have been because I was sitting on grass, and had just started noticing it. In the middle of the glenn where I was smoking was a large field. At the edge of this field was a line of trees. After the salvia had taken effect, I noticed that the way I saw this line of trees changed. The trees were still there, but instead of my mind focusing on the trees, it focused on the blue sky between the trees, with the trees just acting as divisions between the light. For me, this is the key element which dominates my salvia experiences. Usually objects, though still perceived as the same, carry a different role. Besides the odd treeline phenomenon, many other things changed during my trip. As I sat there on the grass, I felt an uncontrollable desire to smile and laugh, and rock back and forth. I almost couldnt help myself. My levity was cemented on my face the whole trip, in the form of that gaping smile, and slobbery laughter.
The second or third attempt at a really good trip finally provided me with the key. I had learned that music is very, very important. Although friends had told me that music really doesn't make that much of a difference during a salvia trip, I soon learned that music is VERY important to having a fun and eventful trip. On my third trip, my smoking buddy was playing the Four Seasons, and the song, when I focused on it, quickly turned into a hallucination. However, I had to close my eyes and really focus on the music for this to happen. The song playing manifested itself in the form of a sugary pathway, with little wobbly gumdrops on the edges, which looked as if they were going to fall off at any moment. The sprinkly gumdrop laden path came out of the cd player like a little conveyor belt, which weaved around the room and over both my knees. The path then continued out the door. Whenever a change or a new element surfaced in the music, some strange kind of pink sugary mist would ride the conveyor belt. This trip ended very promptly with my smoking buddy (who was doing arts and craft at the time) yelled the f word extremely loudly because he had botched one of his projects. That word quickly and comically brought me out of my concentration, and thus out of my trip.
Later that night, with the taste of a very interesting and fun trip in my mouth, I decided to smoke some more Salvia. This time my smoking buddy was upstairs preparing food when I lit up. To enhance the effect, I decided to turn off the lights in the room I was to sit and trip in. This was a very bad idea. After smoking, I turned out the light and started fumbling around for the CD player so I could switch to a nice song, because a scary radiohead song was playing at the moment. As I slowly groped the walls and windows of the room and gradually made my way over to the cd player my fear was solidifying. My artificially overproductive imagination turned the cd player into the head of a giant black bug, which taunted me to find it. The speaking voice of the bug was of course the lead singer in the scary radiohead song that was playing. I can't remember which song it was, but I'm pretty sure it was one of the earlier songs on the album Amnesiac.
I won't go into anymore trips after that, although I will say that all of them from then on had to do with music, with the exception of the one that happened about 45 minutes ago, where music was absent. I will write about this trip because it's still fresh in my mind. I smoked some Salvia in my bathroom just now, and thought of another good way to explain salvia to a non tripper. Basically, my bathroom vent/fan was on, and the sound of it beating took the form of a friendly grandmother radiating love waves down on me. Before I had started that trip, I had made up my mind to think about things in my life and try to discover something new about myself. I desperately tried to think about important things, but the beating of the fan clouded my mind too much for any productive thoughts. I could just barely see my serious thought coming out of my head, and being swept away by the love waves projected by the fan beating sound. The fan in my bathroom reminded my of my real grandmother for some reason, which was instantly included in my trip. This brings my to my epiphany, which is this. A salvia induced trip is like a dream. The oddest corners of your life are brought into dreams. If you desire to dream about flying or something cool like that, but something mildly interesting happens to you in your day, you are going to dream about that mildly interesting thing, and not flying. It's the same with trips.
In conclusion, my experiences with salvia have not left me TOO disappointed. I had heard that Salvia was going to be a little more potent and debilitating, but it was still pretty fun.
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2 Responses Jul 12, 2010

The first time I felt no fear, not knowing what to expect. I went into another reality that was real, and this one wasn't, and forgot I had taken salvia. From then I have felt fear, and been enlarged x100 and sliced with a mile-sized cheese-grater, slices swinging to and fro into the heavens like giant pirate ships, and another time flattened into a 2D flatworld. Inhaling the next one is like buckling into your scariest funfair ride. You know you can't get off, it will scare the hell out of you for a bit, you might feel locked in that reality forever, but it will be over soon (I know this only before I take it, not during), and in the aftermath it is rewarding.

I know what you mean. Once it starts, there's no stopping it, usually. One time though I took a medium sized quantity of 15x and felt it coming on. I was so scared and didn't want to go through with it so after 30 seconds or so I got out. When I used to do it, I would lay on my back on the ground. I would start sinking down like I was going to hell (I don't believe in it, but that's the direction I would go or something). When I got out the last time, my body was all cold and sweaty like i did die. It was scary to say the least. Try it laying down like that, if you haven't already.

How do you overcome the fear, when it's happening. It's so scary, but from your tale, you don't even mention it. I guess you go into it with fear or not. I can't seem to let go of it.