My Death To Salvia

once again i apologize for how much i jump around.  but enjoy reading them if you can keep up.

i have done many drugs.  dmt, 2ci, lsd, mdma, psyiloscybes.  but salvia, salvia is one that keeps me thinking.  i haven't experienced dmt as much as i would like to but the one good time i did it, it took my breath away.

salvia definitely takes my ego and put it through a grinder.  i lose my precept ion on the real world.  and no matter how hard i try to explain this experience i can't.  to admit, i think its them keeping me from letting it out.  i know what it is to die.  to no exist.  but it isn't heaven or hell.  it isn't nothingness which i was to believe.  our energy is distributed to everything we come in contact with.  from objects to people you have an enormous affect on any disturbance you cause.  as simple as you walking past someone can change there mood. 

on to the salvia

the last trip which was probably forty minutes ago i had to fight off.  i don't know why.  kinda scared of what i will find.  or yet afraid of what i won't find.  my way back.  i believe in what i see so much that when i do visit i don't want to stay.  this time before i hit it i brought up google so i could have a piece or reality with me the whole time.  search kalidascopes.  i kept scolling up and down why the existences in my eye kept asking why am i hear it isn't time.  i wish that i could trust it to know that i will come back.  i want to just let my mind go with it.  but every time i struck a panic mode.
from the first time to this time (i would say 32nd) its the same dimension.  but sometimes i am already looking at it.  and sometimes i have to turn around to see it.  three people stand behind me.  don't know who they are.  i know one is a female.  they don't look like a person but yet there presence.  the feeling of salvia is like a layer.  i go into my eye,  which i think is the "main part of your conscious." (very crude explaination)  i can turn my perspective of sight around to face the darkness behind you.  inside my eye there is infinite amount of space.  i lose the feeling of my real body.  i layer back like a page in the book of my life.  stored memories can be thought of all at once.  and this is where i get stuck.  i can't describe this world in my eye.  what it represents.  its hard to come up with the words to describe it.

just like salvia, duster / compressed air did the same thing.  but more space and measure than a world.  I had the moon switch places with my brain while watch the earth leave in a distant.  than just as the earth come back around from the orbit, KABOOM, back in reality.  i won't do duster again.  the last time i did it an existence came to me and said if you visit here again you won't be able to leave.  i took it as your killing yourself you need to stop.  

i recommend doing salvia with someone and than by yourself.  in the dark and with lights.  open eye closed eye.

don't even let me get into the game shows with planets or my eye that has kids.  haha.

!!!drugs are fun and your mind is a terrible thing to waste!!!
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5 Responses Dec 14, 2010

Holy crap, I came to the right place. Reading the first few thoughts you shared were eirely familar to me. "I know what it is like to die, and not to exist". Thank you, someone else experienced same. WTF? Right. Can't describe it. I'm scared to try it again as it seemed pretty real, and am scared I might not come back. I have so much to live for at the moment. Have 50K in my checking account getting ready to spend on a new ac/furnace, pay off my car, and do some landscaping. Last thing I need is too get drunk, do a stupid salvia drug and be washed away into non-existence. Obviously if folked actually died doing it we would here about it, but so real an experience of being swashed, washed, and de-ressed (to quote the 80s tron movie), I show my 40 something age :), is so profound that one doesn't want to take the chance again at being de-res-ed. Thank you for your post. I don't feel so alienated from the world now.

lol i found this by accident how weird lol hit me up dude<br />

I completely agree with you when you said this "i know what it is to die. to no exist. but it isn't heaven or hell. it isn't nothingness which i was to believe. our energy is distributed to everything we come in contact with. " This is so true x 1000...<br />
I have smoked salvia around 20 times before i stopped using it and i've had so many experiences. And this seems to be at the core with every one of those experiences. <br />
On one occasian every atom in the universe turned into a zipper and my world literally started to unzip.. that was one of the craziest experiences of my life and many other experiences where the same where my ego got completely obliterated and i became nothing. <br />
Don't listen to that other guy, it is good to explore every part of your mind and salvia will definately give you your moneys worth.

i haven't wasted one bit of my mind. its a matter of opinion to say whats a drug. i love the stories i have been told while under the influence of quote on quote "drugs" <br />
i don't think i would of got through teen years without marijuana. i agree that drugs are bad. but it isn't the drug that makes the person it is the person. but thank you for giving me you care. i understand the dangers of what i do. i enjoy the mysterious worlds i have been too. <br />
i only take "drugs" that expand my perception of this world. i don't take things to get high. i could of never lost my ego without the help of dmt. it showed me what i really had to offer. tore this physical being away and brought me to the center of my personality. it was a battle to face the real me.

drugs are bad for you and it is a terrible thing to waste your mind on them!!!