The Main Boulevard of My Area Probably

thought i was on drugs long before i actually was. I was wearing my regular clothes but decided it would be funny if i wore the blue tutu and glittery belhop hat i found in the donation bin at buffalo exchange with my best friend. the two of us were wearing this ridiculous hat and we made our friend wear the feather boa.

once i ignored the awkward faces made my direction, i realized that i was going to be smoking something that gives you hallucinations for the first time in my life. i got a little nervous and probably asked too many questions.

what confuses me is, why is salvia legal but pot.. not?
i guess we could just call this an experiment.

my best friend (who we'll call Elizabeth) and our friend (who we'll call Adam) went to a semi-sketchy park and walked around a bit. Elizabeth wanted to go first and Adam decided he'd spot us and not smoke instead. Elizabeth hadnt gotten high off of Sam's weed a couple hours earlier, so the change in how she was acting was.. let's just say prevalent. she was laughing and swishing her hands everywhere.

it was my turn.

the leaves burn much heavier than weed so it was hard to get the intense hits that i had intended to get. it also didnt taste as good, it was more like smoking really crisp old tea.

within a matter of what seemed like seconds, everything slowed down and the lights of the city next to us just seemed much brighter. i started laughing uncontrollably because it was like being the highest i had ever been. Adam asked me how i was feeling and when i began to respond, i pursed my lips in an "O" shape and it was like my lips

like the air was a slice of pie. the spit in the corner, i believe i hallucinated, had escaped me and splattered across the ridiculously tall tree behind elizabeth, who was sitting across from me. there was a neon splatter all across the length of the tree and i tried telling adam but i was too high.
i turned to elizabeth to explain to her, but she looked so different, like..plastic-esque. both of them looked like they came right out of a disney animation or pixar film, and the colors of everything just patched up more.
i ran to the monkey bars to go down the slide and i basically could feel every muscle in my being move.

i came down shortly after, but the feeling of being free and being able to manipulate reality made me feel like i could do whatever i want because honestly, what is reality anyways?
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I believe it is legal because it is 100% natural, and approved by the Canadian board of health as being non-toxic and non-addictive. Also not being that popular plays a key roll.

Please explain, in detail, how to smoke saliva to get these results. I seem to have missed it. As soon as you give me directions, I will try it. Either write another story about it, or email the directions to me. Thank you.