Mr. and Mrs. Moorpark

Last night Adam gave me a phone call and told me I should give salvia another try. I agreed, so he picked me up and bought red salvia. I was a a little paranoid about whether or not id come home acting like i was on something, because my mother has already interrogated me about smoking pot, even though salvia IS legal.
(man.. **** pot being illegal, by the way.)

So Adam and I arrive at the Moorpark Park, which is off of two busy intersections. We sat next to the pine trees, packed Adam's pipe, and then.. i smoked first.

It came like a freight train.
I wasn't high..still not... still not.. oops, I think I'm high.
HOLY ****.
A plane was passing by above me, so I looked up, and suddenly the sky turned to purple clay and the plane was a diamond, gliding by and going somewhere, like it was trying to show me something.

then... THE TREES.
The two enormous pine trees in front of me were my mama and papa, I was running and playing in the grass (..but in reality Adam told me I fell to my side, giggling). Mama, i swear to god, waved to me, and then reached out to hold Papa's hand. They were in love, like every child's parents should be. Not like my REAL parents. Well, these were my new mama and papa.

Time was running out though. I told Adam I had things to do, the trees were waiting for me, I had to go. The palm trees across the street because my tall and skinny brothers and sisters, playing and the smaller tree a little further from my Mama and Papa told me they were leaving but that I had to go with them.
It's not like they grew FACES, it was like they were telepathically telling me this, i just knew what they wanted, and they wanted me to go.

I wanted to go with them so bad, and I thought I was going to be leaving with the trees before this world, this happy world of brothers and sisters and mommies and daddies playing with each other under the purple clay sky, would fade away.

I started realizing that they were inanimate objects. They were not waiting for me, they'd be here in this park forever. I'd leave without them. I never ran and played with them, and although I was still quite small, I was not their daughter.

Adam smoked after me and hallucinated that the gas station down the block was a carousel he owned and that the people there were riding the carousel.
intense ****.

I'm amazed this stuff is legal.
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2 Responses Apr 6, 2007

It is amazing to me how many people have these experiences where they visualize beings who are not there, and sense that these beings are waiting for them to do something. This has happened to me (several times) and also to anyone that I knew. I don't believe that this is a single point occurrence (the single point being the smoker), rather I have felt/seen it as a tool for communication with "idunno".

Haha so in other words it sounds like you had a good trip! Salvia is on of the best drugs I have ever used! I have done weed, lsa, shrooms, and x. You should defiantly keep using salvia. Not to get high but to experience what it can tell you or show you. For what you were saying in your trip it seems like the thing with your mama and papa that’s what you wanted but never had. But if you do go on with using salvia just remember it is not a party drug :)