Wonders of Salvia (questions)

So I am looking for anyone that is a user of salvia! That is experienced and can give me good thoughts regarding anything about it.   I have used salvia 6 times….all times it was 40x. I know a lot about this plant and have done a lot of homework. But have not ever been able to reach that….I guess you can call it that point. Meaning point for me is going into a different world, feeling I don’t know yet….well it is very hard to explain for the people that know what I am talking about.   Anything that you might think that can help I have tried it by my self, with a best friend, with a best friend with headphones on and techno playing, in the dark, in light.   I use the form of salvia extract.   I have only used a glass bowl one time out of the 6….and I felt the effect more so then when I made a (O.K.) bowl from a water bottle.
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When I want to have a breakthrough experience I just pack a it bowl use a bong and keep the smoke in as long as possible. Then repeate the process if necessary. Good luck!

what works for me is taking filling up the bowl and it doesn't matter how much you take as long as you hold it in each time and then as soon as you blow out you take another hit right away. then i start to get a body high first

I tried it and I felt nothing.... I still have it. Im looking right at it, in fact I may go for it again tonight. Mine is 60X and on 40x you should feel something...I'm waiting to get to 'that point' too. I have no idea what I did wrong, I used a little wooden pipe

I Must be super sensative to salvia. One hit and im on another planet

did you smoke a whole bowl by yourself? heres the key to salvia.<br />
load a whole bowl. just for you, or whoever wants to it it. but everyone gets their own bowl. (kinda wasteful, but its better than 6 bowls with no effect right?)<br />
<br />
load the whole bowl and torch it all at once. 1 giant ******* hit<br />
<br />
then zero it. (i dunno what you call it. but hold it in as long as you can, till theres no more smoke left, or you desperately need air. then exhale. if you didnt finish your bowl, or you you dont feel anything in like 15-20 seconds. finish the bowl in the same style. biggest rip possible