I Wanted to Take the Day Off

of work on friday, because seeing as it was a HOLIDAY i didnt really want to resort to working in retail AND being stoned... that wouldve made my shift seem about 32459837 times longer.
But i worked anyways.

As soon as i got off, I smoked some more weed with Elizabeth and a couple of our friends up on a mountain trail and then went to eat... then we decided to go on a Salvia-Run.

We bought 1/2 Red from those "Salvia Zone" packs, went to the park i first smoked at and packed it. Beth had never tried it before so i let her have the first hit. Elizabeth was spotting.
Then I took one, and i held it in forEVER.

I dont know what happened but it was crazy.

I rolled my head back and the space between the trees turned into something very likened to dancing gingerbread men going around in circles.
no, not gingerbread men.
those cutouts that little kids make that are little stick-people that hold hands, you know?

I lost my speech. I was trying to talk but there were no words. I forgot about English, and maybe Spanish too. I forgot about my speech class. I forgot about everything that the world holds as a "norm". I was lisping and laughing and making attrocious noises instead of sentences, as Elizabeth recounted.

But to me?
Well. I can't really tell you exactly what happened, but it was intense. The sand seemed to have turned into beige water and i was running through the sloshy water to jump onto the ship (or playground bars?) to live.

Then there was something about my parents.. i think they were on the ship. i couldnt see them, but i remember that i had to get on the ship to see them.

Bethany and Elizabeth were there but i stopped being aware of humanity and people and the idea of people.

the sand popped out so much that i began climbing it like a mountain that was shaped like a ginormous "T". These unusual looking figures were at the top and about to turn the page of the mountain far more quickly than i wanted.

One of the girls tried talking to me and apparently tried helping me up, but i didnt recognize her anymore. She was a blob, and i didnt know whether or not to believe she was real.
How long?
How long has this been going on ---this NOT KNOWING the truth and what's real?

I didnt want to go with them. What would happen if i trusted them? They wanted to take me from my ships.

Then I remembered that this was the world i had been living in..
But I didnt want to believe them.
I didnt want to go back to the world where people were people and there were rules and...

I was scared.
I felt lied to.

I wanted to reject my former idea of reality..
reality is, in effect, what you make of it.

Just because you live your whole life one way... well, that doesnt make it REAL.. or the truth, right?

I dont know.

But as i started recollecting things slowly..
I started realizing..

Wait, i know who these people are.
Now Elizabeth was tripping out on salvia, and I was watching her laugh and touch the air around her with her fingertips.
I wonder what she was seeing.

I was no different than the bench i was sitting on.

I realized that there was no way to escape this apparent reality that i HAD to "go" with these people... my friends. I couldnt be living in the park by myself, verbally inept, seeing things that only i could see.

I tried saying words now.
I sounded like a child.
it was like i was born again, from not being able to speak, to babbling like a baby, to acting like a toddler, to growing up slowly.
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4 Responses Apr 22, 2007

actually, shellfinder, that was one of the greatest experiences i've ever had. obviously my friends were taking care of me, and obviously you don't know much about salvia.<br />
the point of writing about this experience was not to emphasize how dangerous it is or how unsafe my surroundings may or may not have been--- i wrote based on the fact that i had a beautiful experience discovering the borders of reality all on my own.

I hope that you realize that you were all pretty lucky you all didnt kill yourself by accident. <br />
I have no idea what Salvia Zone is, or where you bought that, but it sounds like you werent in a good place to start or in a safe place either. Wow.<br />
well good luck to you.

dude, thats ******

Wow haha, that sounded insane! <br />
The part were you wished or wanted not to go back to the real<br />
because you like the world you were in, that is one of my favorite parts.<br />
<br />
<br />
One question when you first start to trip do you close your eyes?<br />
And what are you using to smoke out of?