Butterflies And Boxes

I have only tried salvia once and it was an amazing experience.

I was driving back up the East Coast from Florida to Massachusetts. I had driven down there with the intention of going to college. (following a boy) I left the school 2 days into orientation. My Dad flew one of my closest friends down there so I wouldn't have to drive back alone.

He and I decided to visit two friends of ours who live in South Carolina, in the myrtle beach area. The girls live at an amazing and unique ranch/preserve. Wild animals that you never think to see in your life, live just feet from the house they call home.

That's how this adventure started. We were invited to hold a baby tiger and a baby monkey at the girls' work. One of them was done working for the day and decided to show us the town, and invite us to try something new: Salvia.

Now, I am not one to experiment with drugs. Pot and alcohol on occasion, but nothing more. Still, my life was going through so many changes that I basically said...why the hell not? So we stopped by a headshop, and left with a small bag of the stuff.

It was late, and we decided to go somewhere quiet, open, relaxing--the beach. I had plenty of blankets among my belongings in the car, so we spread out on the dark beach and settled in.

My friend and I had never tried this before, but the girl with us had, so she guided us through what to expect. But even with her stories of her past experiences, I don't know if I was fully prepared.

We had decided to smoke one at a time, so to amuse himself while I road my trip out, the guy driving up with me started lighting off some small fireworks he had purchased on the road. This location and the things going on around me definitely added to the trip.

Not long after inhaling, the world felt a little topsy-turvy. I remember digging my hands into the sand, to hold myself steady. It suddenly felt as if the world were very small, that its entire vastness were as shifting and becoming as small as the particles of sand in my hands. This sensation unnerved me greatly, so I tried to focus on something besides my fingers.

The fireworks, spiraling around in the air. And as I watched, each spark became a creature, a living thing, a beautiful little butterfly, floating daintily and preciously. I was astounded, I was mesmerized. And then they were gone. I think this may have been the first thing I spoke after beginning the trip. I begged him to light another, to release more butterflies. I wanted to sore high into the sky with those little sparks of flickering light.

But when those lights were gone, I was suddenly back within my hands. I looked quickly to the other girl with me, but she suddenly seemed farther away. The world was folding underneath us, into a neat little box. She was on the other side, I could see an edge. I told her we were on a cube. I couldn't move to look behind me, but I was certain that I would see another edge somewhere beyond, that the entire world had somehow folded itself into this little box and left us sitting on its edges.
Like I had slipped into an entirely different dimension and taken my friends with me.

But I wasn't scared. It was very peaceful, calm, welcoming. I felt contentment.

Very quickly though, the world snapped back, and I was left with a lightheadedness akin to standing up too quickly. I was back on the beach, there were no cubes or butterflies. But I felt refreshed and open.

It was an amazing experience for me. This was in 2010, and I have not done the herb since then. I know many who have mixed reviews for it. For me, this trip was exhilarating, beautiful, and serene. I wish I had recorded a written description at the time, but the thought did not occur to me, so I hope this does the experience justice on some level.

InMemoryOfSanity InMemoryOfSanity
Jan 23, 2013