Go to google - put in hallucinaogens and research a little.  There are thousands of plants that alleviate pain, sooth the nerves, and a lot more.  Most of them are legal.  Khat is a plant that is chewed all over the middle east.  It is legal.  I might even have a plant or two growing in my yard.  Take care.

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Ya, I think pot shou,ld be legal. To each there own.

Overman - I know what the laws say, but personally I think that whatever God put on this earth has a use for we people of the human race. If we use a plant or portion of a plant, why is that a crime? If the police come to my house and see marijuana ( a plant which grows everywhere) growing in my back yard, that is a crime. Sometimes I just do no t understand the world.

Being fairly familiar with hallucinogens, I tried some salvia extract. <br />
<br />
It was like completely and utterly losing your mind for about 30 seconds. Not fun, but interesting.