My Experience

I had just returned home with a new bong for the house, and to celebrate I had decided to try salvia for the second time. The first time I smoked I had fairly mild visuals, where everything that had a vertical shadow transformed into cats. I also laughed the entire time, it felt like I was laughing so hard that my face was pulling apary, but it didnt hurt.

So I get home, and load a bowl (I smoked .2 of 15x extract). I take a big first rip, and after inhaling the first hit, I quickly take 3 more trying to finish the bowl before the drug takes effect. I set the bong down, and basically lose control over my body. I drooled quite a bit onto my pant leg, but I think that was more due to the smoke than the drug.

The trip felt like something from within me was trying to force itself out my mouth. The more I opened my mouth the more reality was split between what I know to be real and the vision. Eventually it was evenly split between my visual range, this is where it got really weird.

As the trip wore on I figured out how to control my laughing (which I was doing hysterically for the first 3 minutes after my trip. This seemed to help me control the visual, and after I gained control of it, it changed. My body began to duplicate itself, I assume in an effort to resolve the issue with both realities. After this happened I came down. I had a pretty weird afterglow. My whole head felt like it was floating, and I Was still very prone to fits of laughter.

Definately an interesting trip though.

TheSodaJerk TheSodaJerk
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2 Responses Aug 10, 2007

I know what u mean about the floaty head feeling afterwards. I had that too, but also my arm felt disconnected, and my voice sounded weird, like my consciousness was outside my head a bit. Weird stuff but totally cool

I just took a few drops of a salvia tincture today......the world slowed down a bit