My Salvia Trip


Well, it was last summer... my boyfriend bought some and we decided to share. We had to wait that everyone went to sleep and get out of the house, and we had to wake up my cousin to watch us. was raining so it wasn't a very pleasant weather, but yet i LOVED my trip!! xD

He decided not smoke, so I was the only one..first nothing happened but a second later I started to laugh and then I completly BLINDED!! not realy blind xD but I could not see anything!!! my boyfriend and my cousin said (later) that I never closed my eyes, but I swear I could not see for at least 10minutes!!I only saw, I don't know..dark i think xD like when u close u're eyes realy hard! when I started to see I tried to talk but I couldn't..I couldn't even move!! LMAO ( btw all this time I was laughing without stop!! Realy loud!) they were asking me if I was okey but I couldn't answer them, it was HILARIOUS =P probably half an hour later I wasan't laughing any more...and we went home =)

I liked my salvia trip, and wish to repeat it ;P



IndiskaS2 IndiskaS2
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3 Responses Jul 6, 2009

=) I'm planning on going to Amesterdam some day soon, must be great!

I've smoked some in Amsterdam, it was great. couldn't stop laughing at the silliest things. There was this huge pedestrianised area that was paved with small tiles and it was rippling like the surface of a pond when i jumped on it which was really trippy man and like totally mind boggling.

This was so much fun :)