Salvia Experience

So after years of hearing about salvia I had decided to try it. After a little research and learning how to use it properly and not like those immature idiots on youtube using it incorrectly I tried it... Very amazing experience, very spiritual. My experience was all of reality was being sucked into a tunnel in front of me and then I started being pulled into it.. I was not ready to know what was on the other side so I fought it until everything returned back to normal.. The feeling it reminded me of was of being in Iraq in the back of a Stryker stopping at our position and the ramp going down and everybody screaming go go go! Kind of scary you don't know what outside of that ramp. Eventually after doing it several times I learned to control my fear and do my job effectively. I'm thinking if I try it a few more times I will be able to get over that fear and go into that tunnel, I can't wait.. If anyone has any experiences of going on the other side of the tunnel let me know.

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2 Responses Feb 26, 2010

You can get it off the internet or many tobacco shops if its legal in your state. best way to smoke it is in a ice water cooled bong. keep it lit the whole time and inhale as much as you can, hold for 30 seconds and repeat till its gone.. It only takes a pinch. Just make sure to prepare yourself first and be in a relaxing envirorment. If done correctly it should be a very spiritual and inspiring journey. Salvia in my opinion is the best thing.

i have been wanting to try it..where do u get it? what is the right way to do it???