Salvia So Mad.

So anyways im so curious and interested whats on the other side of that tunnel, I finally gather up enough courage and decided to do it and no coming back. So after my 3rd hit I relax back and tell it to take me away... I have the most wonderful music to playing Rain by Breaking Benjimen and everything around me is so relaxing. I feel all of reality being pulled into the tunnel and shortly after me... I feel a feeling of peace and im almost in the tunnel then my Phone starts blasting off it rips me from the tunnel and puts me back into reality.. Its was my ******* sister on the phone bitching about a car loan man i was pissed. Forgive my poor writing and grammer I was writing this as I was coming off of it.

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26-30, M
1 Response Feb 26, 2010

oh no! maybe you weren't ready yet? keep seeking love