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I'm not much of a drug user.  I used to do drugs in high school.  I did a lot of weed, some meth and cocaine, and I experimented with acid.  I stopped for over ten years, but last night I decided to try the legal drug Salvia.  I have to tell the story before I forget it...


It was my brother's bachelor party.  He had never done anything before, so we got weed.  On Friday night, we smoked out, and he was a riot.  We had a great time.  Last night (Saturday night) we decided to just drink a lot and smoke some cigars, and maybe play some games.  While buying the cigars, one of my best friends noticed the smoke shop sold Salvia.  They had a 5x, a 600x, and an 800x.  I had heard of Salvia, and he wanted to try it, but I wanted to do research first.  We went to my house, and started looking up Salvia and how long it's effects lasted.  What we learned was the it last for less than an hour, and that was comedown time.  (I don't know what the 600x and 800x were, I can't find any reference to them.)


When I noticed the effects were short, we decided to go buy it.  I honestly didn't know how much to get.  When we discovered that one package was enough for two joints, we decided on two packages, thinking we'd each have one (4 of us).  They had 5x, and 10x.  But only one of each.  We bought those two.  Not wanting to get too high on a drug we didn't understand, we decided to light up the 5x, and each take one hit.  We were in a circle on chairs in the backyard.  I was on the patio, and facing towards the grass.  Their chairs were in the grass.  My friend that bought it was worried to try it, so I grabbed it and sparked it.  Thinking I needed a big hit, I did a large weed hit, and held it for about 15 - 20 seconds.  When I let it out, the friend on my left was already taking a hit.  I suddenly felt a pushing from the left.  I looked at him, and as he passed it, I said I already felt something.  I was VERY uncomfortable with it, and leaned back.  The two that hadn't touched it yet saw me lean back, and decided that it must be good and releaxing, so they took their hits.  We each took two hits, and then stopped.  


The drug is weird in that you just know when to stop.  It's almost not possible to take another hit when you get to that point.  That was very strange.  In any case, I just had a very fearful experience (this first one was 5x), and I felt this push from my left.  The guy opposite of me felt it on his right, and the guy to my left felt it from behind.  I thought is was coincidence, but now I think we must have had a slight breeze going.  In any case, the feeling went away, and we were all a little off for a bit.  My brother claims to have felt nothing. 


We then decided to roll the 10x.  We made two joints, thinking that my brother had an immunity, so we'll let him do a whole one by himself while we shared the other one (we were so naive!!!).  We went back to our chairs, and he lit the one.  We waited.  He took 3-5 hits, I'm not sure.  He started laughing, and said he was done.  So we all shared the rest of it.  He ended up falling down and laughing while rolling in the grass.  That became my trip.  I was just watching him roll around, and he and I were all that existed.  Within 5 minutes it was over.  


We decided to spark the second one.  This was my big trip...


I think I took three hits, but I don't remember.  It was evening(early at night, like 7:30pm).  But it was still dark.  I stared at my friend's head, thinking that if I zoned out, I might have visions.  They becamse a 2d movie screen.  I remember saying that they were in a movie.  My friend to the right handed me the joint, and I said, "wow.  The movie is reaching out to me."  I meant it as a joke, I knew what was going on.  Pretty soon I was in a tunnel, and it felt like I had a warm blanket of feeling around me.  I thought I was in a hospital, and my two friends and brother were visiting me.  I was in a coma, and they were looking in the tube at me.  Everything was black but their heads, which poked through holes in the tube.  The tube was black.


They were speaking to each other, but I couldn't understand what they were saying.  I don't think I could really hear them.  It felt like an eternity, but I think it was only 30 seconds or less.  Then my brother did something to make me laugh and I snapped out of it.  I wanted to return, so I focused again, and I actually did return.  But this time it was only my brother and our friend.  (2 people instead of 3).  I saw my brother reach for his beer, and it felt like he was reaching beside me, but outside of me.  


There was a breeze, and it made me cold.  That breeze became a cold blanket, and I welcomed it.  It was uncomfortable, but it was my mother holding me, so I embraced it anyway.  Then it went uncomfortable.


I saw my friends and understood who they were.  I wanted to tell them about my experience.  I was excited to.  But then I lost them.  I kept trying to go back to my backyard, but I wasn't sure if that was real life or not.  I thought maybe it was another vision.  I was seeing them sideways, hard to make them out.  


Then, I finally saw them for who they were, and understood it was real.  I tried to focus on it, but kept losing it.  I was afraid.  I was uncoordinated.  I was confused, but kept trying to hold on to them.  It was like a slideshow was passing in front of me, and when they were changing, I would freak out.  When I was finally able to stay there (probably another 20 seconds, but it was an eternity), I felt much better.  I started to tell them about it, but they were busy telling their own experiences.  It was wild.


The next 30 minutes I hated myself, and wanted desperately to get sober.  I wouldn't drink anything but water, and even then barely any.  I just sat still, waiting for the horrible aftereffect feeling to pass.  I felt very uncomfortable, and a little afraid.  My friend agreed with me on the feeling.  I ended up having a panic attack and so did he.  It slowly subsided.  We watched a movie to try to get past it, and it worked.  When it was over, we felt pretty clear headed (although not normal for about 3 hours afterwards). 


They decided to smoke the last 5x.  I did not, and neither did one of my friends.  I wanted to see what happened to them, what it looked like on the outside.  My friend kept laughing, but was quietly doing so.  He couldn't stop it, but he never laughed out loud.  He told me later that he felt like he was in a box, and he couldn't stop laughing, but no one could hear him.  My brother broke the chair he was sitting in, and rolled on the lawn laughing about it.  The whole fourth trip lasted about 3 minutes for them.


I could go on about what they said their trip was like, but I doubt I could do it justice.  One friend said he could hear kids playing in the park across the street (there were kids there) and he traveled to them.  But I don't think anyone had as vivid of an experience as I did.  


There are a lot of stories and experiences to read out there.  The drug sounds like fun, and some people do enjoy it.  However, I think the worst part that made me hate it was that there was no endorphin release like with all the other drugs.  I just felt apart from myself, in an uncomfortable way.  The panic attack was horrible.  I haven't had one that strong in years.  Reading about it doesn't do it justice.  When you read about other people's experiences, it sounds like a lot of fun.  But realize that most people feel uncomfortable with it, and some become quite terrified while on it.  I would suggest starting at 5x or possibly 10x and seeing how you like it before proceeding to harsher extracts.  


I will not do it again.  I think it's a jacked up drug.  But I can see why some like it.  Use judgement, but follow their rules.  Sitters can be valuable.  TV is annoying and breaks your concentration (I don't know this, but I can imagine).  I've read that if you close your eyes, hallucinations are more vivid.  I didn't do that, but focusing on one thing and zoning out brought them on for me very quickly. 


If you decide to do it, just start slow and go with it.  Enjoy.  I won't again!  :)
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I have tried it but is was 600x it is not a drug i suggest to u i started vonvolsing my arms and legs were wipping all over the place n could not eat anthibg for a day and a half ... i did get that pushing feeling to the left but it was not a verry niic push ...600x is to much for me i felt like i was dying i fee sorry for who ever had a bad trip on this drung i will never do this .... n that say dope is ilegal thats bs

I have tried it but is was 600x it is not a drug i suggest to u i started vonvolsing my arms and legs were wipping all over the place n could not eat anthibg for a day and a half ... i did get that pushing feeling to the left but it was not a verry niic push ...600x is to much for me i felt like i was dying i fee sorry for who ever had a bad trip on this drung i will never do this .... n that say dope is ilegal thats bs

i bought black magic 40x and in the trip it dissapeared from the table of my room and could never found it but the strange thing is that a strange type of bird was sounding (culleo) its a paranormal kind of bird and likes dark auras I believe this kind of salvia...

i felt apart from my body as well even though my trip was way less intense then yours. it seems like most people have bad trips, as i did. what i thought was strange was that the case that held the salvia i bought said "black magic."