Almost Every Time...

thankfully I have had a sitter every time.I always get this prickley sensation all over my body.I start to feel (on the smaller doses) like I am falling thru things.but on the higher doses,I still feel the prickley tingley feeling,and a heaviness on my body.I feel like I am in a small tunnel and things keep making me fall thru things.until I realize maybe next time I should close my eyes?? I laugh hysterically.I found its better to do somewhere familier.sometimes.I had tried it at my friends house,and loved it.then I went and bought some for friend had 5x and thats what they said they sold.I get half way home and realize I have a container of 20x and 40x,both purple sticky.crawling on the floor last night was a little wild.I wish I knew how to have a better more spiritual trip.any ideas?

salviachic salviachic
31-35, F
1 Response Mar 7, 2010

Ask questions like "who am i really? What is this life? " <br />
Ask those questions and really start wondering and then trip! Trust me the result is amazing!<br />
<br />
Bu you gotta be wondering ;)