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Being Unafraid To Proclaim Loud & Clear: I Love Smoking! Cigarettes Rock! Smokers Rule!

i never expected to get into this site. i am a happy, long time, openly giddy smoker, Marlboro 100's, started at age 12, 1ppd or more since age 14, now 1-4 ppd (depending on other variables, usually 1.5)) i had come to the conclusion that while there were other happily and heavily addicted smokers out there, no one had the attitude i did, which is that i love my cigarettes, am proud of my cigarettes and make sure that first and foremost the pc crowd does not take my attitude of loving and showing my love of smoking, and doing with me what they've done with so many: guilt, shame, a feeling that those who are not followers of the pleasureful plant are somehow, "better than" us. to my delight, the first few people i read are just as determined to keep the right smoking attitude. thanks!

i have great stories to share, really positive stuff to pass along, and i will soon. i am also smokingrocks1 on youtube. i'm lighting another one up... right now!

stay lit, party, be well & happy. more to follow...
smokingrocks1 smokingrocks1 56-60, M May 1, 2012

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