Im 14. "Peer Pressure"

When i was 13, i went over to my friends house, and stayed the night with her. well, later on, we were watching a movie, and then went up to her room. It was really smokey, and i asked her what it was. She said it was her "DRUG"! I said, "Okay, what drug?" She said "weed"! or "marajuna". i was saying how it was so bad for you and that i wanted to leave, and she was teelin me all this good stuff about it, and then she said, "I need some right now!!!!!!" and then she said, "you want some with me?" i said,"Hell No!" i didnt want to smoke it cuz it was bad for you, and i couldnt afford to get arrested b/c i want to go to college, and get a good job, and everything. then she's like, "oh come on, its really good, and itll make you feel better"! and she just kept on pushing and pushing, and finally i said, " SURE, WHY NOT!!"

I felt sooo bad after that, and i DO HAVE A CONCIENCE, and YEA, i went and told my mom that i smoked weed with desiray.

20rissa09 20rissa09
13-15, F
Jan 22, 2009