Just Layin It Down

So smoking weed is something very personal and I don't really think it's anybody's place to tell somebody else whether or not they should do it. However, as a smoker I just want to set the record straight about the perceptions that many have about people who smoke weed.

Just because you smoke weed does NOT necessarily mean that you are lazy. All of my friends (who also smoke) and myself not only have jobs but are also full time students working towards a degree (and we are ALL on the honor roll). Smoking weed is a a privelage, not a right. It takes a good understanding of yourself to know if you are a person that can handle it, that is strong enough to not let a habit take over.

Another point I want to make is that if anybody does any research on the plant (just google it) you'll learn that it does not kill brain cells or cause stupidity. Other than reversable short-term memory loss (it is recovered as soon as it is no longer being smoked), marijuana has no long term side effects on the body.

I'm not going to try and say that inhaling smoke is good for your body, but marijuana bud contains about 33% less tar than tobacco, and there are no registered cannabis-related deaths. Also, it does not have to be smoked. It can be eaten, taken in pill form, or even vaporized. There are many ways to take it without having any negative side effects on your body.

Despite all of those details weed has helped more people achieve a sense of peace and well being than any perscription anti-depressant. It does not hinder you like alcohol can, and nobody has ever overdosed. It is not physically addictive, and does not cripple you with any type of hangover after usage.

All in all, weed has been smoked ever sense humans knew that they could smoke it. No law will keep people from buying it, selling it, or smoking it. Legalizing marijuana will lower the crime rate (because people will no longer go to shady dealers to buy it, because they can buy it legally from a store). This will also reduce the chance of smoking anything laced with other drugs, because people can buy pure weed from a regulated business.

Ok, I've said my peace :)

"When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself."             - Bob Marley


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2 Responses Feb 16, 2009

By all means im not against weed buut i will have to disagree about it not killing brain cells. It does kill brain cells , I smoked for ten years and i know for a fact it has had an impact on my brain.It has made my thoughts a little more hazier. It definatly brought the lazy out of me.I too have always worked and went to college but I know it has brought about a lack of motivation. It also can cause depersonalization disorder.Like i said im not against weed at all. I still smoke from time to time but its definatly not fair to say there are no side effects to it. Thats how you get your people that are burned out. Look at your typical slacker in life. You know the type, lives with there mom and dad has no job or if they do its fast food, no goals in life and the biggest goal is to stay high all day. Trust me i have seen so so so many of these people in my days. Just my strong OPINION so dont get pissed

agree with what you say but trying to speak to someone who is well stoned and drinking alcohol and you are not is a bit of a pain