I Still Do

It was early in the seventies when I finally discovered it.  I was as desperate as a virgin over thirty.  And then all of a sudden it was there and it struck me like a bolt. 

I always was alone when I smoked, slowly just a handful of friends joined, separate from each other.  I didn't propagate the use of it because to me it was a mystical thing and the mystical shouldn't be propagated. 

I located the weed in the realm of the shamans.  Not everyone is one.  And nothing can be provoked that isn't there.  So, it's no key to wisdom.  It can be.  For some.  Like all drugs.

The use didn't really hamper my career.  I was reasonably successful and appreciated.  I still am.  But when I'm home and doing my thing, I still enjoy a smoke and I wouldn't like my small stash to run dry. 

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