Yea I Snapped Again

First let us set the atmosphere shall we? It had been a normal all out war in the house. I was fighting with them both..(husband and stepson) Of course it was, as usual my fault. Well sure if you say it is my fault that i got angry at him for once again going through my things. My personal journal was sojmthing that he never understood what it ment to have anything personal. He thought that what he wanted to look at he had a right to, that is why I had EP!
After the step-sons girl called me a Fn'B I took the phones out of the house(i pay the bill and i will be damned if some smart *** little teen is going to talk to me like that) Well (soon2b ex) husband decided he was going to take the side of his son and start screaming in my face and pushing his forhead to mine and telling me he was going to bash my skull in for talking to his son that way.( I called the boy a **** ant I think) Anyway after the fact I go in and I am finished right, told him and his boy that. So I start packing to get gone, and don't you know he wants to talk? I told him there was nothing to talk about it was over and I was gone. He(being the *** he is) calls the law and tells them I hit him. you guessed it, I went to jail...SOB!! So my brother comes and gets me (out of jail!!) and takes me over to his house. In the time that I was court ordered to stay away from him and his son~ this jack of all *****, goes through and takes whatever he~ his son~ his neice and her boy friend want in the house. I mean to tell you EPers he took it all even the cob webs. MY THINGS, and my childrens things, my mothers things and any thing that meant anything me. So I snapped my twig~ I lost total thought recognition and went off the side. Hell we all need to once in a while right. Well you will be delighted to know that I regained all composer and went straight to the laweyer after the arrainment and filed for a D_I_V_O_R_C_E!! After all was said and done the *** decided he doesnot want to be without me and wants me to move to where he is!!! OMG! R U SERIOUS?? It has not even a month since he had me arrested, cleaned out my freakn' house and now he wants me to leave my family to go stay with him and his derranged son and family....ok I admitt I may have been a bit ignorant in the past to his ways but, I got wise to his BS and I can see his lies b4 they come out of his mouth. So I snapped--atleast this time I did not throw a trash can!!...LMAO
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And if your daughter helped take things from my house that were mine..and I did not say she could...SHE IS A THIEF IN MY EYES!!

First off who ever you are, you apparently have me confused with someone who is concerned about you...If I said anything about who ever your daughter is then it was the truth. I have nothing to hide. I think if you were really concerned then you would have already had your so called "on call lawyer" contact me about anything I write.<br />
And second I will stand up and put my name on something I write, you on the other hand create an avatar on this site ( that YOU looked for ME on to instigate an argument, which is harrassment by the way) ) just to hide because apparently you know she(whoever she may be) did take something. Get on with your life and leave me alone and stay out of my business.<br />
If your daughter got caught up in something my soon to be ex- or his son, and took things from my house then you need to talk to them . NOT ME! <br />
If you know me, then you should know I care very little about you or your "so called " Lawyer.<br />
Mine is in Chatham..just ask my ex-to be....and his worth less son.

Hello,you can say anything you want about other people but when you call my daughter a thief ,YOU HAVE GONE TO FAR .Come Monday morning her and I will be sitting in my lawyers office setting up filling charges.You think you have problems with your husband-sweety you have stepped on the wrong toes this time.<br />
By the way I have an on call lawyer and alot more capital than you--LET's see who you want to tell lies about now.<br />