I Am Not Sick

I sneeze ... every morning and night.

rain, hail or shine.

i sneeze up to 9 or more times .. in a row.. then .. nothing ..... until i am off to bed ... then




etc and so forth .... i have a very clean house .. so for those of you that think i have dust ... i don't.

i sneeze...

powder = sneeze

flower perfume = sneeze

i am sneezing now.... reason .. it just stopped raining

whatever !!  ARCHOOOOOOO

yes it annoys me.... cant ... stop ... a....A..... AR.......


caroli9 caroli9
41-45, F
4 Responses Feb 15, 2008

Bless you *hands you a tissue* I know how you feel. I sneeze too

Thankyou :)<br />
<br />
and yes it does

i need them !! OMG !! do i need them

*passes stocks in the Kleenex company to Caroli*