When My Brother Goes To Bed.

First I wana say I love the smell of boy feet. Some r like soap some r sour some smell like nasty cheese. My little brothers feet smell like cheese u put on pizza. Lol. My brother is 14 he's a skater kid kind of grungy he's like typical skinny an lankey a normal kid. When he gets into the house the first thing he does is flick off his shoes. I was home from school this weekend an Saturday he came into the kitchen I heard him flick off his size nines hitting the floor with a clump. He walks into the kitchen I looked at his dirty socks wow the big toe ends were blk the bottoms of his feet were grey. So many miles on those dirty boy feet I thought . We talked an I start to smell a sour sweaty stink I knew right away it was his feet. I began to get a little hard wondering how those dirty socks would smell next to my nose. I have smelled his feet before when we would wrestling or he would b asleep but they never smelled this bad. My mom came into the kitchen complains about us not being ready for the dinner we were all going out to. She goes what smells ? I go Erica feet she looked at his dirty socks ur socks r awful she told Eric he goes I know I wore for like 5 days. Now I'm really hard . Eric put his feet on the kitchen table the grey bottoms inches away from my Doritos I wanted to take a bite of his foot instead of the chip. I started to laugh so did Eric sayin here mom smell em. She pushed his feet off the table telling him to get ready to go. We always since we were young took showers in the basement bathroom our dirty cloths would go under the sink. My brother went to shower first he got done then it was my turn the first thing I checked out was the dirty laundry hamper there they were his dirty socks one was balled up the other laid on top of his underware. I picked up one sock an held to my nose I almost gagged of the young teen boy scent. I knew what I was going to smell when I got home. The dinner lasted for ever when we got home Eric went to a friends I said I was going to go to bed downstairs is where I sleep. First I went upstairs' to my brothers room to possibly find more socks his laundry basket was full I grabbed about 7 pair of dirty socks one pair was multicolored ankles a quick sniff was all I needed I also took a few pair of dirty pee stained underwear I threw em down the clothesshoot so my mom didn't see me walking through the house with his dirty clothes. On the way out of his room I saw a pair of thermal socks he must of worn with his snowboarding boots they were grey with blue toe an heel they were polyester so I knew they would b for sure smelly. They were real thick an soft I sniffed one an almost fell backwards they were putrid. How can a boys feet smell soooooo bad I thought those went down the shoot to. On my way to my downstairs bedroom I grabbed his pair of enjoi skate shoes told my mom goodnight. I retrieve the socks from both hampers I had like 8 pair socks an like five pair underware an also his stink shoes. I closed my bedroom door an placed everything on my bed I noticed right away the sour smell of all the boys clothes . I ******** down I first took the sock I saw him wear today I held it up to my nose an inhaled I grabbed the other one an put it over my hard ****. The head of my **** was at the end of his dirty big toe I pulled the heel part of the ankle sock over my balls my **** fit perfect into the toe end the other toes of his foot were perfectly outlined with grey. I held the other sock to my nose smelling the young boy stench I placed all the other socks an underwear on my stomach I grabbed one of the thermal socks to my nose soooo sour so boyish . I srooked my hard **** into the ankle sock I removed it an threaded on the longer thermal was so soft inside I pulled it on as far as I could.i took all the socks an made a pile on my bed I took his skater shoe an shoved my socked **** inside I buried my face into the pile of stinky boy socks I pumped hard began to gag from the boy stench my *** began to tighgten an I blew a huge load into my brothers sock I felt the cushioning of the inside of his shoe as gobs of cumm came out. I thought to myself how does a boys foot get to smell so good.
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Learn how to spell your probably like 12

YOU should learn how to spell, it\'s *YOU\'RE not YOUR :)

Learn how to spell your probably like 12

YOU should learn how to spell -it is *youre, not your.

real hot - would love a pair of socks n undies now from a cute lad

this story is so hot that **** has squirted and hit the back of my laptop


Your sick..

How can you call him sick when your in the **** web site yourself? *******

How can you call him sick when your on the same w e b s i t e you a s s h o l e

do you ever worship his feet n c u m on them

also post pics please!

Can I have a pic of your feet and his feet and does your mom know that you like his feet

why did you take the under wear & did you thow up? i would loooooooooooooove to smell your brothers feet! more stories!

why did you take the under wear & did you thow up? i would loooooooooooooove to smell your brothers feet! more stories!

Does your brother know you like his socks? That was a great story.