Brothers Really Smelly Feet

So, I have always loved my big brothers feet(I was 13 him 15) and I knew that he had a pair of socks that he wore EVERY day for weeks at a time. He always had a decoy when mom did laundry. So my brother dosnt know that I have a huge foot fetish. One day we were playing video games and we were laying down on the couch and he kicked his shoes off and placed his feet near my head. When the stench of his sweaty smelly socked feet hit me I went hard. I tried to crawl a little bit so that I could smell his feet full on. He saw me moving and thought that I was trying to move away from him. He instantly shoved his feet in my face and said cmon! You know you want to smell my feet all day! Whats kinda funny is that I actually did want to smell his feet all day. I let him over power me but he took his feet away and I wondered why wanting to smell the stench of his feet again. Then, him still thinking I didnt like it, grabbed me and covered my mouth and said smell it! smell it! you have to smell if you dont want to suffocate! I was forced to and wanted to inhale and he had all his sweat and stench of weeks coming right on my face and up my nose. Then he let me go and said, I hope the kids at school have a bad sense of smell while laughing at me. I quickly washed my face before school but washing my face wasnt nearly enough to get rid of my brothers foot stench. My face still smelled like his feet but I went to school like that anyway. I think the smell caught some bad attention but it was well worth it. He probably has the smelly'st feet I have ever had the pleasure to smell.
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I love stinky feey i love it soo much

Good story! I would like to read more of this.

This devdevin guy is a fake. That profile picture, that's my picture of MY feet from MY youtube channel called hockeybro96. He is pretty much using me and putting me in his stories. He is a piece of crap and should be reported for being an imposter.

hey hockeybro, that was my old account, and I'm sorry for that ok. I'm a big fan of your youtube channel and I'm deleting the account. I hope you wont hold the grudge forever. :)

I am not gonna hold a grudge, I mean it was pretty hot you were using me as the main characters of your stories being dominated like that. I give you permission to continue so it's fine lol. Do I know you thought btw?

I cant find your channel.....

My youtube account was terminated because youtube believes that my videos broke their guidline rules which is not true. My videos were far from breaking any of their rules yet they still took down my channel. My new youtube channel is:

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