The Best Night Of My Life! Big **** And Sweaty Feet!

Well I went to school with this kid named Cory I was IN LOVE WITH HIM! I use to fantasize about me and him having sex all day and night and his big sweaty feet un my face !!he is so sexy he's about maybe 5-9 blonde hair with the most amazing beautiful blue eyes and he's skinny not skrawny but not buff or built he kinda has some bug arm muscle well he looked good inna cut off shirt! Well we went to the same church and at the time I was in the closet and he thought I was straight! We went on a church trip and we were heading back to our rooms we got into our rooms with about 5 other guys 1 was his brother (I gave his brother a hand job in the van on the way to the trip lol) I kicked of his shoes and his socks were damp giving an amazing smell of his feet I got so horny so fast we went to sleep 2 guy were in 1 bed another 2 guys were in a diff bed he was laying in the middle of the walkway between the beds and I was laying down by his feet! Everyone went to sleep except for me! I scooted closer to his feet and began to inhale the salty sweaty smell oh god it was amazing!! I waited about 30 mins for him to fall asleep then I nudged his foot to see if he was awake! He was asleep "YES" I said in my head! I put my hand on his foot my **** throbbing and growing! The smell from his foot was so strong and it left the smell on my hand I slowly took off his sock I got his socked halfway off and I began to kiss his heel I started to lick his heel! I got his suck all the way off and smelled the sweet salty smell and OMG DID HIS FEET TASTE GOOD!! So sweaty and salty ! I took him sockin and stuck my **** in it strocking my **** I grabbed his foot and pressed it against my face licking his entire foot heel to toe then I began to suck on his big toe! At this point I'm close to orgasming !! I started to lick the middle of his foot making out with it I had literally licked all the sweat and salty tast off his right food so I moved on the left foot! I took tht sock off and began to suck his left foot! Then he turned over and layed on his left side with his feet together I took his sock off my ****, moved up and put my **** on his feet they felt so good on my **** I started to thrust slowly carful not to wake him then I started to get rougher going fast and harder the skin of his feet was getting stuck to the skin on my **** I peeled OffToTheRaces **** and replaced it onto his feet humping his feet even harder I then started to grab his *** with my left hand and hold his feet with my right hand I was orgasming everywhere! I pulled away hurried grabbed his sock and came in it ! I layed there resting for moment but I was finished as I layed there I thought " oh good I wish I could grab his sweaty balls and ****!" As soon as I finished tht thought he turned into his back opening his leg as If he had read my mind I thought " ohh this is gonna be a food night!!" I lifted his blankets and slid my hand up his short and into his boxer! His thighs were a lil hairy ! I loved it! I went a lil higher and then I felt his ball sack I grabbed them gently in my hand and started to rub his taint it was hairy and sweaty but I reliezed his taint was hard! So I went up to his **** and gripped it firmly it was hard and very big and thick I thought " is he awake?" When I gripped it he let a faint moan! I filched thinking he was awake ! But he didn't do anything so I began to strock his long thick **** it had to be about 8 1/2 inches long ! As I started strocking faster he started to breath faster I thought "OMG maybe he is awake and he likes it!" I can feel it pulsing in my hand I knew I was gonna come so I crawled in between his legs and started to lick the sweat off his balls and taint as I stroked his **** he moaned and put his hand on my shoulder I speed up and licked up his balls to **** and stuck his **** in my mouth he moaned again beginning to thrust his hips into my face! He **** barely fit it was SOOO big! But I began sucking and using my tongue ! He was breathing really fast humping my face really hard his grub on my shoulder was tightening i knew he was ready to blow ! His nails dug into my shoulder he let out a moan and I felt his warm *** in my mouth he was still humping me (while all this was happening I was humping his feet and came all over his feet!) I let his *** sit in my for a lil tasting it loving it then I swallowed it! I went up licked his nipples and his neck while he was moaning and his eyes were closed pretending he was asleep I kissed his lips and started to make out with him I felt his tongue sliding all over mine! Then I whispered in his ear "I know ur awake! We'll talk about it in the morning !" I pulled his pants back up and layed next him I felt his arm reach around me and he held me it was the best night of my life!! This I all a true story I swear!
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We're it say OffToTheRaces I meant to I peeled off my **** from his feet ! Lol auto correct sorry!