Caught Sniffing Panties

I recall when I was younger being caught by my friends sister sniffing her panties. I was sleeping over and the living room was downstairs and so was his sisters bedroom and her bathroom. She was not there all day and into the evening so I figured she would not be home that night. She was 20 years old and attractive, she was about 5 foot, long brown hair, and she had very nice curves, not skinny but not fat, just right in my opinion. My friend and I were watching movies and the few times I went to the bathroom I noticed lots of clothing on the floor in his sisters room, so I made my trips to the bathroom more frequent. On one of those times I went into her room and looked around at all the clothes on the floor, just a quick look as I did not want to get caught in her room by my friend. So back to the movie and then a little while later up again to use the bathroom, but first into his sisters room again. I turned on the bathroom light which shinned into her bedroom and I rummaged around on the floor and came across a silky feeling, it was her panties and I was surprised they were silky, I figured I would just find plain cotton ones. They were light blue and sort of a hi cut bikini style, they were very nice. I tucked them into the front of my pants and went back to the movie. It was very difficult to sit there and watch the movie, I was probably sweating and squirming in my chair. A little while passes by and I get up to go the bathroom again, my friend says you go to the bathroom alot and I just said something like yeah liquids just run through me and he went back to the movie. I get to the bathroom and open the front of my pants and there are her panties, WOW they were incredibly sexy looking. I picked them up and placed the crotch to my nose and inhaled and she smelled so amazing. I sniffed them for a while and then figured I better go back to the movie so I tucked them down my pants and into my underwear so they were resting against me, this felt amazing and I almost exploded doing that. Sitting through the movie and every move I made I could feel the panties moving against me, I was excited the entire time. I made several more trips to the bathroom during a few more movies, I was so excited I was twitching. So later in the night 2 or 3 am my friend feel asleep finally I could enjoy the panties more. So I went to the bathroom and layed the panties out on the sink and bent down to sniff them while I rubbed myself, it was incredible how much the scent excited me more I had to be careful otherwise I was going to explode soon and all over the place. I paced myself as I wanted to enjoy this, all of the sudden the door flys open and its his sister and there I am bend over sniffing her panties stroking myself. She closes the door almost as fast as she opened it and says sorry, she was just getting in and had no idea I was staying the night. She had to have seen me sniffing her panties or at least seen me standing there with my pants down. I was nervous and did not get to finish but quickly went back to the living room with her panties shoved down the front of my pants wondering when she was going to confront me and wondering if she knew what I was doing and where her panties were. I thought how am I going to get her panties back in her room, it kept me up all night. She never did confront me or say anything. I managed to get her panties back in her room by walking by and just tossing them back on the floor while she was sleeping. Being it was so late and who knows if she had been drinking or what, did she see me using her panties or not and if she did was she so out of it that she forgot. Who knows but I did get to use her panties a few more times when I knew she was gone for the weekend. Check out our profile for more about us.
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Hot story !

awesome story dude... wish I was that lucky...

Let this b a lesson to all... LOCK THE DOOR B4 DOING YOUR BUSINESS. Not hard. That 1 second act can save you from all types of situation.

I do the same sniff pantirs to but never been caught

When I was a teen, I used to travel some days to my auntie´s house in my school holidays. She has two beautiful and very sexy daughters. I loved to sniff their dirty panties when they were not at home. It was wonderful to know their holes´ smell. I made a lot *** for their tribute while I had their panties crotch on my nose. Fortunately, I have never been caught in my smeller activity.

mmm id like to smell and lick mine

you and i have some similar experiences to share....we should chat sometime :)

I was sleeping over at a mates house when I was about 16, I went for a shower and got his mothers dirty panties out of the hamper and started to have a **** when I heard a noise at the door when I opened it his younger sister around 14 had been watching me under the door, I must have caught her by surprise as she was sitting on the floor with her hand in her pants she jumped up and ran away and I finished my ****

Well... a double red hand catch there. (She spying on yah n u doing yer business)... noone dares to snitch... BTW what did they smell like??

His mothers were very musky and had a hint of pee. They also had a lot of girl goo in the, which I love to suck until it is nice and gooy. I sniffed his sisters at a later date and they were hot very strong.

I'm trying to do the same thing my friends sister is a victoria secret model and her panties smell so ******* good. I just can't find a good time to go into her room and steal them.

Right! Try this. Next time yer at her house, make a loo excuse. Then you quietly rush in her room, grab em and rush in the bathroom! On exit be sure they're in yer pocket (someone may b in hallway) b4 placing em back.

I used my sister's panties on many occassions, I don't know if she was ever suspicious about the stains in them, especially with newer panties, even though I washed them if needed, they always seemed to get stained.

Strangely enough I still get hard when I think back to those days, sometimes using the same panties two or three times in one day if I was feeling particularly horny. I got a bit worried about a couple of pairs that had a lace trim along the top which had started to wear out with all my rubbing

I can relate to your story :))

wow nice story there is something so right about wearing another girls panties, lingerie & clothes when they don't know you are

There is something so wonderful about the smell of a woman's panties after they have been worn! I so love to find them when visiting friends home and compare the fragrance they offer.

WOAW! I can imagine your face bright red and your heart beating, when the door flew open. Really amazing you got away... and lucky. As for me am always careful with these businesses at all mates house, where female inhibitints also live. Best time is when no one else is around, make loo excuses etc. I suppose nearly all men do it.

nice story. very exciting. do you smell your wifes panties?

my ex wife would watch me jack off using her panties...she thought it was sexy

Cool storie

hot story... had a similar encounter