Sniffing And Licking Another Girls Panties

I had a really close best best who we used to sit around in our bras and panties and talk about guys, clothing, makup, hair, etc, you know the typical talk for teens. Sitting around with her in just our bra and panties always made me so wet, I don't believe she ever noticed or smelled that I was wet, I know I certainly felt it and sometimes I thought I could smell myself. Sometimes being a girl has its advantages especially when you are into panties and being able to hang around with your friends in just panties is certainly one of them. I would often sleep over at her house and would fantasize about her, I never got the impression she would be into fooling around with another girl so I just had to settle for fantasizing about her and enjoying her amazing aroma and flavor on her dirty panties. When she would fall asleep I would get up and search for her dirty panties, she did not really have a hamper or anything just a pile of dirty clothes in the corner of her closet, and often times her clothing was just tossed around her room. It was always nice when I knew which panties she has just recently worn the day before. I would find a dirty pair and then go down the hall to the bathroom so I could lock the door and lay on the floor on my back with my feet up on the bathroom sink with her panties over my mouth and nose, her scent and the taste of her juices made me so wet, I would dip my fingers into my wet spot between my legs and then lick my juices off my fingers imagining it was her juices. I loved sucking on the crotch of her panties, her panties were not that visibly stained but they smelt and tasted so good and with how I loved to suck on the crotch of her panties if there were any stains I totally cleaned her panties by sucking so hard on them. I would lay there in the bathroom ************ while I licked and smelled her panties, it got me to ****** so quick and so hard, it was amazing how it increased the intensity of my ******. I was so lucky we were such good friends and that I often got to stay over at her house to enjoy her dirty panties. If only I could of told her how much I enjoyed her dirty panties.
apantygirl apantygirl
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1 Response Nov 28, 2012

Yes... you ARE lucky! You were even more super sexy horny than I ever was at that age, and I was BAD! lol But it is awesome that you were able to get at least THAT much from your friendship from her! - Did it just end altogether in your life after her?