Love Sniffing Other Womens Panties

Me and my husband both enjoy sniffing and licking panties, I know sort of weird a girl who likes to sniff and lick panties but there are more girls out there than you realize that enjoy sniffing and licking panties. Girls are curious and many girls do it out of curiosity and many do it for the excitement of it and the pleasure. I love to sniff and lick panties, every girl smells and tastes so different. I also like to sniff and lick my own panties, many woman are comfortable with there own juices, most woman will kiss a guy after he has gone down on them, and many do it because they like the taste of themselves especially after being turned on, some do it to check and make sure they are fresh if you know what I mean but many as I said like myself enjoy the scent and taste of themselves, so for me it was natural to wonder what other girls smell and taste like. My husband loves that I do this and we will often wear panties over our head while having intercourse or he will place a pair down on the bed so when doing me from behind I have my nose right in the panties on the pillow. I have also rubbed a pair of my friends panties on me so when my husband goes down on me its like he is licking 2 girls. I have not sniffed many family members panties only a cousin or two, but I have sniffed just about all of my friends, many of there sisters or mothers panties, a few neighbors panties, and one co workers panties as I house sat for her. Check out our profile for more about us.
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1 Response May 9, 2012

That is extremely sexy. I loved reading this desire from the woman's perspective!