I Sniff Mens Dirty Underwear!!! I Love It

My fetish began in High School. My friend was a straight guy but allowed me to suck him off now and then... One day after his judo training I met him at his house. He wanted a bj before his shower at first I said no not until you shower.. He then jokingly took his sweaty briefs off and forced me to smell them. After that very moment I was hooked on that awesome scent of a hot guys sweaty junk!

I met another straight guy on an adult auction site... We became fast friends... He lived in AZ and worked outside a lot! He sent me his well worn (wore for 3-5 days) tshirts, socks and underwear! His scent is intoxicating. Last year he moved in with me and continues to give me a package of his sweaty gear each month! I wash them and give them back to him when he gives me a new one each month.
Dominictg2003 Dominictg2003
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