Sniffing My Brothers Briefs

When i was 14 i saw a pair of my older brothers briefs on the washing machine. I remember they were dark blue and very tattered. I couldnt stop thinking about them. Late that night when everyone had gone to bed i crept down and took them into the bathroom with me. I pressed them against my face and sniffed that strong musky scent of a man. I got so hard i came within 2 or 3 strokes. I was shaking with the excitement and guilt of what id done. It was the start of my journey into being a fully fledged gay man. A journey that has made me feel very bad at times but now im completely happy.
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1 Response Dec 6, 2012

My friend, I know many of we guys have done this very thing, sniffing another person's underwear and jock straps, and it is quite a turn on for sure!!!! :) I am so glad that you are completely happy now with your life, we are here but just a short time, so we need to be as happy as possible!!!! Thank you for sharing your story!!!! :)