Sniffing My Panties

I sniff my panties and I really like it. It all started while ************, I would smear my juices over my nipples which turned me on. When i did this i could smell the odors which made me even more wet and horny, this inevitably led me to wanting more so i'd take my panties off at which this point they would be extremely wet and gushing with my juices. Then I would lie down and rub myself for a minute then bring those wet panties and smear them all over my face, it gave me such a rush. Next I would start to suck and lick the panties, i absolutely loved it. I would bring my panties back and fourth from my juicy wet spot to my mouth, sniffing and tasting. I would imagine that one of my friends was sitting on my face and I was tasting her juices.
apantygirl apantygirl
22-25, F
1 Response Nov 29, 2012

I,i, I love you