Used Panties

i love to steal & buy used stained panties fr my own sniffing pleasure is this wrong ?
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6 Responses Jul 13, 2010

i dont think so - unless i,m wrong as well lol - stephanie xx

Im selling my used/worn underwear and my fiancee is selling his too. Depending on what you want us to do in these garments...were charging £10 for a used/worn item. If you want us to be naughty in them...the price is £20 per item. Please feel free to email us at All requests considered.

Never stolen any other womens panties , but i love my wife's panties and she wears them a few days for me when I need her to, te he. simply the best thing in the world!!!

i too steal ladies unwashed panties when ever i travel in a train and if a young lady passenger also travels the night when every one is asleep. i search their bags and if any unwashed panties and bras are available, i coolly take them out and put it inside my bag. after reaching my house, i start sniffing their unwashed and stained panties and play with **** till i release my juices.

I love to smell ladies panties too I dont think its wrong in any way its more wonderful when the smell is just like perfum because some might smell more than others not all women have the same smell

Hell NO! <br />
I have dozens of my wife's dirty panties saved up. I smell them and hold them to my nose as I jerk off. love the smell!