Boyfriends Kinky Idea For Me To Sniff My Panties

A past boyfriend had a kinky idea one night. We had not yet had sex but did plenty of fooling around, touching, etc and I had made him *** several times with my hands and he had fingered me and made me *** many times. We were not ready for sex yet and were always coming up with different ways to pleasure each other without it being sex. My panties would get so wet from him fingering me and I always loved sucking on his fingers, and the smell on his fingers got me so hot. He knew how much I enjoyed the taste and smell of myself and it made him even more hard and excited. He came up with an idea and said why don’t you take off your wet, sticky panties and put them over your head so your crotch is right at your nose and mouth and you can smell and lick the crotch of your panties while I finger you and he said I can also kiss you through them and taste and smell you also. I got so turned on by this idea I am sure I filled my panties with even more of my juices. I took off my panties and placed them over my head and placed the crotch over my nose and mouth, wow my panties were so wet, that wet feeling against my nose and mouth made me even more wet and my boyfriend knew it as I covered his fingers with my juicy cream. He would sit beside me and I would reach over and stroke him while he fingered me and watched me licking and sniffing my panties. he got so turned on seeing my panties over my head and me licking my own panties.
apantygirl apantygirl
22-25, F
Nov 28, 2012