First Time

Oh man the first time i had sniffed panties i think i was about 13 or so and they were my 21yo cousins. And my cousin was about 5 foot 1 slim,brunette the perfect body. and we used to hang out in her room all the time when she would come and pick me up to ''babysit'' me and we would just chill on the bed and watch movies or something. And one day she had to take a shower so she asked me ''do you need to go to the bathroom before I hop in the shower'' and I said "no" so she hops in the shower and i continue to watch the rest of the movie. And ten mins go by and she's still in the shower and I finished the movie and i really had to go to the bathroom at that point so i knocked on the door and said ''I really have to go to the bathroom do you mind if I go ahead and go" and she says ''sure go ahead'' so I get in go to the bathroom and as I'm finishing up i notice these size 6 Victoria's secret panties laying in her jeans they were almost a neon green with pink elastic and a pink bow. Now I look at them and look back ....look at them and look back and my perverted 13yo mind got the best of me so got done and quietly and quickly fish them out of her jeans and walk out of the bathroom. I get out of the bathroom and can't help but noticed they are soaking wet but not from the shower steam or any leaking water.So I go to feel the crotch area (where it was soaked) and it was smooth and could smell the aroma coming off them so I brought them to my face and got lost in what smelled like sweet strawberries and at least another 3-4 mins go by and i head for the crotch area of the panties and started smelling them and as soon as I was going to lick them the bathroom door opens and she looks at me in shock and i do the she kinda smiles and says "why didn't you just ask" almost like it turned her on!And of course not a word came out of my mouth!
So the night comes night comes to an end and she takes me home before we leave she reaches in her laundry basket and grabs a few things really couldn't tell what.So we get in her car and head back to my house to drop me off.....all the way there it is silence so we stop to get a cheeseburger and go through the drive-thru. So we get our food she parks the car in the parking space.I reach for my food and she grabs the bag from me and says"you dont get your food until you answer a few questions" and i say ''ok''. So she proceeds to ask me why did i have her panties and i was starving so i had to answer if i really wanted food....."I wanted to smell them" asking another "did they smell good" i hesitating answer "yes they smelled so sweet" and she asking one more question she asked "did you like it" and i say ''yes i did''. So she gives me my food and thanks me for being honest with her .......we finish eating and she reaches under her seat and grabs a plastic shopping bag and hands it to me and says'' i couldn't help but feel bad walking in on you so i want to make it up to you" so i open the bag and in it is that same pair of panties,a white hipster,a baby blue pair with white elastic, and a pair that was bright yellow with red elastic and had the word ''naughty'' on the front. I tell her i cant take these my mom will find them and she said '' thats ok because i will keep them at my house in a secret spot just for you and i will wear them every once in a while to keep them fresh...but they are yours to smell next time you come over". and thats how it all started hope you enjoyed!
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good story man... had a similar experience but not as happy ending lol