Cousin's Panties And More!!!

Now i know what you think when i said more but its not like that so i would suggest reading before judging lol :)... ok there was a time in my family when if you said "i love you" to a cousin, it was family love, but now i can't say it without an awkward reaction from her... ive not said it by the way, that would just be the most common reaction... ok so it was my cousins 16th birthday and i was 15 and trust me at that age i was a complete sex addict but no sex happened all i did was ********** (i'll admit it now, i wasnt exactly the most handsome kid in school but i wasnt chubby or ugly as **** or anything! i was asked out by alot of people, it's just that i was stupid to say no to "act cool") anyway back to the story! cousin's 16th and im 15 and a boy and she is a girl. we get there and for some reaason everytime i see my cousin i get a raging hard on! and i'll always have to cover it since her mum and dad were next to her... plus her little brother (4-5 years difference) ok so everyone goes outside for a BBQ and a "drink" but for me its like a daily schedule as i go into her room and look through her hamper and find the dirtiest panties i could find... sadly i found one but when i looked through her clean panty drawer i found the sexiest thong ever, i sniffed, licked, and cummed in the dirty ones and wore the nice sexy clean thong, wrapped around my **** and even though theres no smell i still smell it and lick it cuz i know shes worn them before! tomorrow she said to me come for a sleepover with her friends at my grans house (wierd combination but i went with it) i never really give a **** if i embarres (cant spell) myself. so, we were at the house, however my gran made me avoid them in their room (awwww) but still gran stayed in the living room, and my cousin's door made a loud noise, so i remembered that long ago i drilled a hole in the wall to spy on them, the hole was behind a poster but the whole in the poster was on an actors eye (lucky me)! then i see them show there ****, vaginas, and then practised kissing, then they played the good old truth or dare (my favourite!) then my MY cousin did a dare where she got commando (naked) and walked all around the house gettin drinks for the rest of the group, this i couldn't miss, so i went into the kitchen and stayed there for ages cuz i knew she would be embarrased if i saw her (but i wouldnt!) but finally she had the guts to come in and i was shocked how developed her **** are and how swollen her **** was! with a line of brown hair! i got a hard on and i think she noticed as she kept looking down where my 3rd leg was! that made it even bigger! all i heard when she walked off was loads of girls saying what happened? who was in there? she said "my cousin" and also said "he had a ***** for me!" the girls laughed and i thought i wouldn't hear the end of this and that it would get spread round my school and theirs! then they were asleep, they've slept before and are deep sleepers and since that was the room where all us cousins slept then i snook in there and found a spot for my sleeping bag what gran had put out. but i saw my cousin and her freinds! fukin hell! no blanket, and all in bra and panties, i gone from embarrasing low - down knob all the way to extreme - hard on ****! so i have a fetish for sleeping sex and i think you'll know what'll happen next... part 2 coming soon...
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Where's part 2 man!? It's been since 2011!

good story

you said no when you got asked out?!?!?!?!? Wait... i get it this is fake, ok now i get it because anyone whos not retarded would say yes

P.S. saying no if you get asked out is THE OPPOSITE OF COOL.

you said no when you got asked out?!?!?!?!? Wait... i get it this is fake, ok now i get it because anyone whos not retarded would say yes

lol cool