Having An ******* Panty View To **********.

Oh Well this happen when I was 18, I was left along with my cousin sister, Who is around 23 or such and She was soo friendly and beautiful I never had a feel in me for her as in she was kinda cousin but On this paticular day..I was alone in my house with her...As in she was kinda babysitting..lol..Anyways..Its kinda true story as I was in my room using my PC as I forgot to lock my door I was kinda wanking my tool, While she where on the other room watching TV, As I kinda kept on watching and wanking, I lost concentration about the opened door as she was standing at the door staring at me, At firts she was like scolding me as in "What the..Are you doing, How could you do that and stuff While I was holding on to my erected tool while staring at her in surprise as I apologized and pulled back on my trousers, She sat on my bed and started to talk to me politely as she said its normal and such, And with a slight shyness she asked me to do what I was doing infront of her, As I heard that I was kinda shy since I thought she was making fun of me but later she kept on asking me as I did, While I asked her to give me something to work on, As she smiled as she spread her legs pulled up her long skirt gave me her view, I saw her blue ******** panty under her skirt as I started to get hard and continued to **** off as I asked her to give those to me so I could sniff it..and do the work faster, I just did it as a joke but for some reason she took off her panty and gave it to me while she gave me her ******* view of her *****, I was like wanking!! faster as I was sitting right next to her, While I finally shot off my load all over her leg, She giggled abit in a naughty manner as she said I could keep her panty for a while, As she took my *** from her leg with her fingers as she left the room licking her fingers.

I still remember her ***** and the smell on her panty.....
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Did she hand you undies again? I'm ready to keep on reading.