No Not Me !

   This is for all you Snorers, that don't dare admit they snore, I guess they think the saliva fairy comes and dries their mouths  and throats as they sleep,and the noise that wakes then once in awhile in the dead of night is the dog, When anyone tells you, boy you really were sawing logs last night, you take it as the worst insult you could receive.... OK ! I admit it, I'm a snorer and I wake myself in the dead of night, I wake up feeling like I ate some of the logs I was sawing.... There I know I feel better.
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5 Responses Jul 2, 2007

We all have to learn to cope with something, Right...I also warn people about my snoring...

I never minded my husbands snoring, call me weird... I loved just knowing he was there close to me. I have waken myself snoring so who am I to complain anyway? LOL... I have missed his snoring...

Denial a funny thing, the only one who usually gets fooled is the fooler... And yes I heard that being lean and also sleeping on your side helps, quilty of both and snore up a storm....Feeling like there is no hope. 8-)

To cute.... Puck61

I get angry when someone says I snore. I know I don't becuase I stayed up all night to check. Not so much as a peep.