I'm Still In The Game....

I posted before about how I snort pills for recreational use. I still do it for that but now I have back problems. I've had severe back pain everyday for the past 5 months and not one doctor can tell me whats wrong with me. Every time I went to the hospital Id get a prescription for Flexeral and Viccodin. When I ran out I'd go back until they told me to see my primary care doctor whos put me on cataflam which isnt as great as viccodin. I blow the viccodin. I know I may take it  different way then most people would but it helps either way you do it., I just prefer to blow it. I like the burn and the taste. Im also prescribed adderall. 10mg tabs 3 times a day. My BF is also into pills so I share and that makes them run out a hell of  lot faster. If I'm prescribed it and I can blow it, thats how I'm gonna do it. I like it better. If I'm out of pain killers I go looking for some, I need them to ease my back pain and to get me a little happier. It may seem sad to some people, but hey its my life.
retteXmich19 retteXmich19
18-21, F
Jan 27, 2011