Snow Iron Na Carmen Series Just

Ever since that time in 1888 the section Si(Kurth) brothers foundation company, the credibility, nicety and innovation have become the sill of snow iron Na aim.Very early, the Switzerland brand's watch then and actively throws body in race car to exercise with extreme limit, proudly contact the champion of those full of legend colors its name together, if exceed a gram of Du man, Li gram Fu Lei in the Si gram etc., and the legendary figure Mohammed of boxing field inside.From from 2006, snow iron Na becomes the official cooperation colleague of the BMW Suo F1 uncle car brigade.Snow iron Na belongs to biggest the international clock manufacturing organization Si in the world the fertile Qi group is underneath, a world to exercise currently leading the way of wrist form realm sheep.Is classic Be perfect to combine 1959 with high technology, snow iron Na developed famous double of insurances(DS) concepts, come to uncommon fastness and outstanding watertightness for its wrist watch band, carried out function of leading, from now on the DS becomes the representative work of snow iron most important Na.Just past 2010 basel form exhibition up, snow iron Na released two all new serieses:DS Caimano Carmen series and DS Master master's series.These two series of wrist forms perfectly embodied respectively classic and the concept of high technology, the form style design takes to revive old customs a style, the machine equipment then investigates Gao accuracy, be subjected to Gao the grade machine form consumer's attention.Master's serieses in it, exercise because of being full of the external appearance and precision but dependable internality of qualities, have the honor of acquiring certificate in Switzerland astronomical observatory in COSC.Know to all, attestation in Switzerland astronomical observatory in COSC mostly contacts the automatic machine Xin of high grade together, Switzerland snow iron Na master the series will read that second accounts the special ETA251.233 function and nicety account the advantage of form, completely bag beautiful generous black PVD plates the 1 F Jing steel at it case of watch in.Just for Chinese consumer designs a form style the Carmen series adopt the 316 L whole Jing the steel polish case of watch, tiny pour a horny edge and with meticulous care delineate of the form hat of form turn, careful protection, integrated into classic style for sport type design.The basel clock exhibition makes all clock companies understand a truth and understood Chinese taste very important.Snow iron Na Carmen series was exclusively Chinese to design 38 millimeters of diameters, black dial and bright Rome number, let the wrist form external appearance know clear, defend to pare off to spend blue precious stone crystal glass form a mirror to carefully protect an internal chemical element.The large date window way of the position and of the fine grace at 6:00 needle, the precision elegantly indicates time, the forerunner's Switzerland automatic machine Xin performs feats on this.The Jing steel watch chain adoption that with meticulous care matches forms a pleasant contrast of polish and whet sand two kinds of polish a way, and case of watch Hun however become integral whole, even if is in the harshest environment, the fold type form buttons up to also promise that DS Caimano can't leave you without authorization.Well worth mentioning BE, this is exclusively Switzerland headquarters according to the favour of Chinese consumer and the form style of the design, classic win and have modern feeling, don't lose the poetic charm of exercising the form as well at the same time.The style that this series is another to have other form can be provided as choice and express a different style and include the form style of matching the skin watch band and female form form style, Jing steel and yellow PVD marked while plating the form style of the 1 F double color contrast modifier, and setting out on the dial and the form style of standard Arabic numerals.Carmen series


The general and special, not to be missed selection, in 2012 the Swiss basel Watch Fair was to display a new Eco-Drive light energy  concept Watch

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