Snow Iron Na_snow Iron Na The Waterproof Watch Enter Water Market To Refuse To Produce Voucher For Twice

 Consumer, Mr. Lin, purchased snow iron Na that a piece of Switzerland imports waterproof watch, but the watch successively and twice appeared into water phenomenon lately.Up to when the reporter sent report the dealer was prosperous form's going don't announce viewpoint to this matter.Mr. Lin introduces, June 22, he at east street a market spend 3375 dollars and purchased a cake of to enounce snow iron Na that is Switzerland import waterproof watch.This watch in July appeared watch seamy side to enter water phenomenon for the first time.The empress is negotiated for many times by both parties, dealer just agrees to this watch to replace accessories, but he also for this expenses that paid 300 dollars.September 6 Mr. Lin tells a reporter, , he while washing hands, this waterproof watch seamy side again entered water.The form for him to find out prosperous goes, dealer replies to call, appear the watch of problem to need to be sent consultation in the factory house is once.At about 3:30 p.m. on the 25th, the reporter and Mr. Lins arrive at market together.Mr. Lin wears in the snow iron Na watch seamy side on the wrist to have fog spirit and water bead, can hardly see the number in the pure dial.In the invoice back, write the guest replaces form head a row of characters on August 3, 2010, and add stamp seal.At around 4:5 p.m., prosperous the form line be on duty to lead to buy a member to call to come to a staff member surnamed wood.When the reporter put forward an interview claim, staff member surnamed wood said, she didn't understand this matter. The reporter learned of last night, Mr. Lin had already complained this matter to the industry and business section in the yesterday afternoon.Reporter now the matter also covered the operation department of this market supervisor, Mr. Pu, .When the reporter puts forward to survey this going into of snow iron Na watch to close voucher, Mr. Pu calls that only eliminating to help is just adjustable to read the related data of this watch.Reporter at prosperous the form didn't see a related license while going an interview.Mr. Pu said having already signed contract between dealer and market.Market while canvassing business affirm will ask dealer to produce a related license.But, manager Pu didn't go toward the form for reporter to produce prosperous of related license.The reporter didn't receive while up to sending report prosperous the form go the representative director's telephone and have never received to come from as well prosperous the form go any feedback information to this matter.


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