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i love snowboarding. i went out to the snow a few days ago and i had a blast, i have gone on anything that fast before, its was like the ride of my life, and then the falling and tumbling down was fun too because i didnt know i was good at summersaults. i might practice some more snowboarding because its a great hobby and i want to get better at it, but i did get a good run and according to the instructor i had, i am better than most novices, awesome :)
jonnyronny jonnyronny
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1 Response Aug 12, 2010

@ seedycara hi, i live in Australia, which is a place known for its dry lands and its extremly hot summer heat. right now its winter in australia and thats why i headed to the snow these holidays, because we dont get alot of snow in australia and the only snow happens on the mountain tops.