I Just Had to Get Away, the Roller Coasters We're Tempting Me So!!

True vacation time is something which I can not sincerely proclaim that I have experienced, although my life has consisted of some rather interesting occurrences.   Taking into consideration how I have not done much over the few years of my being on this planet we’ve come to call Earth, that is not saying much.  It was Wednesday afternoon, August 30th, 2006, to be exact, when I embarked on what I consider to be the best time of my life thus far and definitely the most adventurous feat.  My brother informed me that he was preparing to leave school for Wooster, OH, as he had an interview the following day and wanted to go in the night before.  To my surprise, he asked me if I wanted to go with him because he was going to spend the rest of the day after the interview in Sandusky, OH, at Cedar Point.  Being as much of a “coaster junkie” as I am, I told him that I definitely would like to go, I would even give him the directions if needed, and I would be ready by the time he showed up.

After the conversation was through and he was on his way, I packed up clothing for the following day and headed out the door to wait for him to arrive in the subdivision.  After a quick stop for gasoline, we headed onto the freeway and were off to Ohio, although it took a little bit of time to get to the right place we did so and went into the hotel for the night.  The following morning he went off to the interview and I was ready to go by the time he returned only a couple of hours later.  The drive back up to Sandusky went quick and swift without mass error, and then we were just a mere two hours late for park opening, leaving eight hours for rides.

First and foremost we both knew that we had to get at least one ride on Top Thrill Dragster, an Intamin AG of Switzerland coaster, as we just can’t deny the power of the launch of nothing to 120mph in under four seconds, then the 420 foot hill, it’s simply amazing.  That combined with the hill going straight up 90 degrees and straight down looping 270 degrees, it’s a highly impressive ride propelled by hydraulic power.  Next was a ride on Magnum XL-200, with a great view of Soak City as well as a lot of truly appreciated airtime and many thrilling elements.  We then wasted two hours waiting for Dragster which went down for “excessive wind speeds” for the remainder of the day, right when we got up to the station.  Ditching the line, we went for my first ride on Wicked Twister, another Intamin ride, that launches forward and backward up two spikes which twist, this powered by Linear Induction Motors (LIMs), or magnet power.

Next was the inversion coaster, meaning that it goes upside down, Raptor for another first and was rather fun to tell the truth, then the standup Mantis came next, which was rather rough, followed by Millennium Force.  Millennium, yet another Intamin, has an 80 degree drop that gets up to 93mph and is also very popular with many elements. Skyhawk is a giant pendulum/swing set type ride that was just built.  Finally we went on the meanie Mean Streak and on Magnum one more time before close and we left for West Bloomfield.  Although weird to some, my greatest adventure was going to Ohio this past summer and riding some of the world’s best roller coasters, some at their own time and others still holding top places to this day.  :)

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18-21, M
Sep 10, 2006