I Have a Dumb Question For You All Lol

i read alot of peoples stories and confessions on here both in my circle and outside to the unknown world of ep reality lol....ive come acrossed some really great stories and they were amazing words in this story and they really expressed themselves to the whole world however one thing got me a bit confused ......the story was written anonymously lol......why would you be anonymous on here isnt this whole website an anonymous thing i mean unless you express details about yourself to people or invite people from your personal life to it ......the whole thing is anonymous anyway and why not just be your true self on here what are you afraid of ???? from all the things ive read there is always someone who feels the same exact way you do about everything in life so why not just be true to yourself in a place where people will accept you for who you are ?......am i wrong?....am i missing something here?  feel free to give me an insight that is helpful to me understanding this concept better .

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4 Responses Feb 21, 2009

It has been debated a 1000 times over now. But on the next note, be here for some time and you will realize that you will develop strong relationships and it will not be anonymous anymore. Having said that, I am still against the anonymous postings. they suck.

Heir is a little heads up people ...if you think you are anonymous ...go to google und type in your screen name from heir ...und you will see something you wont belive ...<br />
every thing you ever said on heir is right there in google ...on the www...this is just not funny ....<br />
im really going to bed now ....nite nite

Pixelita is a part of me.....but she is not the whole me ;-)

You are right. There is no point in lieing here. If someone is doing that, why are they here?