Trying On Clothes.

for me as a crossdresser i enjoy trying on womens clothes more than mens clothing.every time i go shopping with my wife i am always looking at all the pretty dresses but i cant get any thing unless i am out by myself and then i can look and try on and maybee buy a pretty dress.
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3 Responses Aug 3, 2010

You gotta go and try on clothing! It a cross-dresser's dream. Just make your self do it. The first time is always the worst, but it gets easier as I do it.<br />
One shop I go to here in Orlando, they welcome me back and when I do come back, I always call first and they are ready by the time I get there to show me skirts and dress in my size. They have my outfits hanging already in the backroom restroom. <br />
I think they have more fun than I, not!

I feel the same way as you. My wife likes for me to go with her when she shops for her clothes, and I like being with her as well as looking at the women's clothes. But the experience of going by myself and trying on clothes in a store is a whole different experience.

I also enjoy shopping with my wife. We only buy clothes for her when shopping together, but I do get to look at some nice clothing and shoes. I always get some great ideas!