Trying On Womens Clothing

I love doing this in the stores. It's incredablly simple too. Go into a ladies clothing store, tell the sales girl what your looking for. If the Sales Girl doesn't suggest it, then ask to use a fitting room. Pick out 4 or 5 things to try on, the Sales Girl will check on you to if everything is ok, if not let her know an item is to big or to small, the sales girl and she will look for something in your size. I do 95%of my clothing shopping at Lane Bryant so I know most of their womens clothing will fit me. It's fun and a lot of work if your trying on several items. It'll be one of your most fun thing to do when shopping. One word of caution, If you buy from different retailors, definately try things on, unlike mens clothing, where sizing is more universal, womens clothing varies from one retailor to another. If buying womens clothing, try it on before you buy. It will save you the time going back to return or exchange something that doesn't fit.
Just a suggestion, Wear bra when you try thing on in the store, womens tops and dresses will fit better if you do.
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I have tried on women's apparel (I'm a man) in women's dressing rooms well over a hundred times. I have been refused only a handful. The overwhelming majority of retailers simply want to sell their products. Most Sales Associates are very helpful, and have brought me dozens of items to try at a time. This is as fun as it gets!

Nice story I feel the same way just not at Lane Bryant. Do they still carry crotchless panties? I would go back for those. In there smallest size, now thank god was able to down size.yea. Have fun.

Trying on in the store is awesome fun. Most sales ladies are very helpful, but not all.

Well said! My rule number one: always try before buy. Its saves a little money... I saw, when its something not my style, not fit well as I want....