Personal Attention

I was at work wearing my satin red panties, anxiously waiting to go shopping at my favorite store, Lane Byrant. Upon arriving home I quickly changed into my favorite pink panties, with panty liner of course; my pink bra with forms to give me more exposure; my black nylons and Mary Jane shoes; and my purple ******** top. I slipped on a pair of jeans and off I went. At the store the sales clerk was just finishing with another woman when she asked if I needed any help. "Not right now", was my reply. I browsed through the racks of clothing. I found a pair of slacks, purple that would look good with my top. The sales clerk commented that they were on sale. I tucked the slacks under my arm and continued to browse through the store, of course making my way to the bras and panties. Where they beautiful. I then asked the sales clerk if I could try on the slacks. "Sure", was her response and off we went to the dressing room. She said, "Let me know when you have them on, and my name is Sonia". I felt something growing larger in my slacks. On went the slacks and out to show Sonia. She said they looked too big and went to check the size ticket on the slacks. I lifted my top to assist and I know see saw my pink panties peeking over the waistban. Back she came with a smaller size, which I quickly put on. This time Sonia said they fit better and even commented that they looked very nice on me. Well, that comment sold me. I was liking the personal attention. I dressed and went back out to browse some more, this time in the bra section. Sonia quickly noticed the breast forms in the bra I was wearing and asked if I had ever purchased a bra at Lane Byrant. "No" was my reply. She asked if I wanted to be fitted for a bra. "Sure", what a chance. After the measuring, Sonia asked what type bra I would like. I told her to pick on for me. She sorted through the racks bringing me a beautiful 42B red with lace trim underwire bra. "Try this on and let me see how it fits" was her next remarks. My heart was beating. Into the dressing and on went the red bra, then out to show Sonia. I could not believe I was standing in front of a woman wearing only a bra and causally talking to her about the bra. The fit was not quite right, so see looked for other B cup bras, bring me more to try on. Each time I modelled the bras for her. Well I could not get a comfortable fit and ended up without a new bra. I put on my pink bra, which Sonia also wanted to see me wearing. As I was checking out Sonia asked if I needed any panties, telling me they too were on sale. She proceeded to tell me that she only wears the store barnd panties. Wow, what a sales person! I told her my lingerie drawer was full of panties right now. Then from the back room came another sales clerk. This was Ann, who I met during my last visit to the store. We chatted briefly and then I asked her if se was wearing the prety pink panties I had seen her wearing when I was in the last time. "Not today, thanks", was her reply. I told Sonia I wanted to wear my new purple slacks home, so back to the dressing room to change. I thanked the girls for their help and headed home. Another great shopping experience.
Dandee Dandee
46-50, M
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I've never had this kind of luck! LOL