Swearing The F Word

its so sad now that almost everyone says the F word, i dont find it funny i find it pathetic whats the point in swearing?????
I just dont get it. I catch myself swearing everynow again but only when i hurt myself but i try not too. But in conversation its just stupidity and maddness. What is the world coming too?
missXbonzo missXbonzo
26-30, F
4 Responses Jul 10, 2010

yes i find it sad that when parents swear around kids the kids learn it and get in trouble for it.<br />
I know someone who does that id like to say something to her but then it might back fire in my face

I just get tied of hearing it! There really isn't any good reason for saying it. It never makes thins better!

Yes I agree with you, it is very off puting when you hear a female using it.

well i guess thats a good point too