All Swearing Annoys Me

I don't think the F-word is any worse than any of the other nasty words I hear every day. Swearing is just annoying, no matter what the word that is being used is. In fact, it kind of annoys me when people use words like "fudge" or "shoot" that are really just variations of swear words for people who don't want to be heard swearing.

I know that swearing is a bad habit and doesn't mean the person is a bad person, but I wish it was a bad habit that more people wanted to break. I'm not going to dislike someone just because of the words they choose to use, but I will be annoyed by those words, just like people would get annoyed by any other annoying bad habit.
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3 Responses Jul 15, 2010

Those who use it just want to draw attention to themselves, thing is, when everyone does it, loses any meaning and the person who uses it becomes less visible as well.

Using the word as an adjective or expletive makes no literary sense anyway. I had long wondered why the word is so prevalent in movies. Now I understand. Most of the writers lack good screenwriting talent and use it as a filler or attention getter. <br />
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I suspect that those writers believe that inserting foul language presents an impression that they're on the cutting edge of modern entertainment. Yet, it seems undeniable that frequent use of the F-word, particularly in movies like District Nine that would otherwise be a family film, chases away many ticket buyers. I doubt that many are aware that the word, when used to replace any word other than that of intercourse, seems immature to many of us.

I agree, I really don't see the need to pepper every word with an additional swear word, I think it makes people appear a bit stupid, if they need to swear to get their point across. My friends don't swear around me cause they know what I think about it. Sometimes though, there are times when the occasion just needs a swear word to make you feel better, stubbing your toe for instance... I forgive people then. :o)