So Much Bad Language

 I am so sick of hearing people swearing , I have grown up in some hard times and less than "select" areas in my life. I was what you would call a hard man , But somehow never found the need to come out with bad language, especially not in front of women and children , as seems to be the case now, I dont know if I am in a minority here but are there many of you out there that feels the same way . What kind of society are people bringing their children into .Is the reason for people swearing,because they have a limited vocabulary.  

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For me the absence of swearing NEVER offends!

"In my day", as they say, the F word was never used anywhere grownups could hear it. I can't figure out if the many 'adults' who use it have never been taught about 'good taste', or if they think it IS good taste. To me it's just coarse and demonstrates a complete lack of the ability to find another word to express the same feeling--whatever THAT may be. In any case, I'm offended every time I hear or read it. Perhaps it's the result of parents who don't have the time, or don't see the purpose of teaching their kids about good manners, and all that goes with them. My ony comfort is that the current generation seems to have gone just about as low with regard to 'politeness' as is possible, now there's nowhere to go but up. I can only hope.

Very well written Jeanlock.

AMEN! Not only limited vocabulary but no social skills. If you can't text and use OMG etc. people do not know how to hold a conversation. Speaking face to face is a lost art. Short 4 letter words are all they hear. So Sad. mini

Must be that guy that was across from us at denny's the other day with his kids.

Sometimes it's small vocabulary but my son swears a lot. Friggin this is a euphemism for the other f word. This is normal language for his circle of friends. They are all in their 20s in the Air Force and the f word pops up every sentence or two. His dad also swears a lot and has all his life. I see no reason for this there are other ways add intensity to a conversation not nearly so unbecoming.

All types of people cuss so no it doesn't have to do with education.It is just people being uncouth.

I think profanity is used too often. I was raised in a household where no profanity was used and to this day very rarely is it acceptable. <br />
I think profanity has its time and place. I don't agree with it being used to describe every little thing. Or used over and over all day long. Then the person using it appears to be ignorant since they don't know any other word to explain their thoughts. On the other hand, I do think in certain instances can be acceptable to accentuate a point about something that you feel passionate about. If used only rarely then the profane subject matter really stands out.

First let me say I agree, and find people who spout profanity to be pitable and don't give them much respect. <br />
But I laughed when reading Kiwigirl's comment about kids repeating "like Parrots" because my former husband adopted a Blue Amazon Parrot to save it's life because it's former owner had thought it was funny to teach him all the bad words he knew. And brother he knew some my ex had to look up! It was near impossible to find him a home. He is no longer suited to be a family bird. Sort of funny in a sad sort of way.

I believe dirty words are a bad habit and the people that use them think that's the only way they can get anyone's attention (very insecure people). I believe men and boys think it is macho to cuss and use it mistakenly to impress others.

You sound like a real gentleman, alvin. They aren't always easy to find. :)

I remember in the 60s when the F word was making its debut to my area, my father told all his children that it showed a lack of intelligence and vocabulary. It's sad to say, but 50 years later, he would be disappointed in his grandsons and their generation. The F word it used so frequently when groups of young adults gather. It is their "hip/slang" word. Sadly, I hear parents saying it just as much as the kids.

Yes I thought I may have had one or two ,criticising my comment.

I have found that people who have to express themselves with such language simply don't have the intelligence to speak otherwise.Our society has lowered it's standards to the point where it seems there aren't any..Some censorship in the media(entertainment)is needed.

Not only that ~ the parents (and I use that word VERY loosely) , seem to take pleasure in the fact that Little Bobby or Sue can repeat , like parrots , all the colourful language that they themselves define their lifestyles by.<br />
It's disgusting to hear kids that aren't even ten years old running around with the potty tied under their chins instead of their backsides.And it comes from their parents all right ~ ignorance is NOT bliss.