Dirty words reveal our character, our upbringing (and therefore reflect on our families), show our lack of intelligence, imagination, class, and respect for others. Instead of making you sound "grown-up" , they make you sound childish and immature, and impress no one of any importance. Most movies are rated R because the "F" word is overused with a little "GD" and "JC" sprinkled in for good measure to be as offensive as possible. PG 13 movies also use the words, but not with as much frequency. There are truly wonderful movies made without any of these words which are much more impressive and make just as much impact on the viewer/listener.

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Everyday! All the time, you cannot get away from it! totally agree with the upbringing etc comment @ nazareth84! the dictionary is there for a reason! lol I wish more people would use it, in fact I believe I shall start sharing a useful word of the day via fb and see if it does any good.. otherwise just start hiding the garbage. I really don't want to hear it,see it or experience this use of "words" at all.

bentheredundat: Blessings in disguise. I admire you for being able to see the positive.

I'm hearing impaired and wear two hearing aides. Sometimes they "beep" due to bio-feedback. Some people ask me to turn them down or off. Some angerly tell me "Do something with those **********@@@@@@%%%%%% (censored) things." I don't have to listen to this, I have built in censoring device.

Absolutely,language portrays,intelligence,characterbackground,upbringing,class.....i cudnt agree more!

I couldn't agree with your more. The "F" word is so rampant these days. Those words were never meant to be part of casual conversation but that's what they've become. I'm so tired of movies with bad language, sex and violence. Is this the best we can be?