before i get accused of being a hypocrite...i just wanna say that i do use this word sometimes. in my speech and in my writing to express my anger and frustration. but i joined this group becoz i do get tired of hearing it in casual conversation as a synonym for "umm"...i don't agree that it should be used this way. and i try ((try try)) to be cautious of using it around people who take offence to it. but i think we have become a society that tolerates it and other curse words too easily. i remember living in a time where your mouth was washed out with soap as a kid for saying shut up. this happened to me actually once in preschool. nowadays kids can swear infront of their parents with words a lot more piercing than shut up. i certainly STILL can't talk like that infront of my parents.......i don't think we can obliterate the use of the word. but if we could at least go back to a time where it was still considered a very bad swear word. lol...i'm all for that.....bf.
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yeah i agree. when it's done in excess (and i know people who do that too), it just starts to sound silly....i use it for emphasis lol not in every sentence i say.....bf.

I hear you.<br />
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I have this customer that absolutely cannot say one sentence without dropping the F bomb. Quite often, he drops it twice in a sentence...lol It gets so old talking to this guy.<br />
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I use the word myself, but on occasion. I use the word probably about as much as I use it on EP. Which is not that often.

Totally agree.